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The gurukul ashrams of Ancient India had revered teachers and our ancient 'parampara' was to obey and revere our teachers at all costs. Never question and give guru dakshina for the pearls of wisdom we received.
Shah Rukh Falls For His Teacher

How things have changed, haven't they. We are taught to question, often professors are on first name basis with their students and we have a kind of bon homie with our teachers. Which is not a bad thing, but a new way. One that must be tread on with respect intact!?

Sushmita Is A Lovely Professor 
With the onset of 'teachers day' my question to all of us would be, are we at all grateful to our teachers and do we celebrate them enough. Now maybe you'll react to this and say, teachers are not that dedicated anymore. They're just doing a job! To that I'd respond that life is synergetic. You give respect and are eager for education and knowledge and even a stone can impart it.

Yes , we'd all adore Sushmita Sen as our teachers, whether we are male or female students, but in real life that might be a bit unrealistic?

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Having said that, I did adore many of my professors and I have to say I was a favorite often. Some I even hero worshiped - especially when I was younger! Ok, so some amount of 'buttering -up' did happen, but I promise you- more often than not I genuinely hero worshiped my extra special teachers. It felt wonderful to be noticed and looked out for. If you were to ask me who was a prof that I remember until today I'd say it was Mr. Scott at Architectural school in California where I went to study interior architecture. He made me editor of the yearbook at Brooks College of Design, and I worked extra hard for his subject. He taught us three dimensional drafting, and made it extra exciting for us. I reprimand myself for being so excited at passing out as best student of the year for which I won the Plaque, that because of my excitement and the celebrations that followed I did not manage to take any co-ordinates to keep in touch with them. Come to think of it, I miss all of them.

The thing is, that you actually begin to appreciate teachers when you grow up- when you go to grad school or even undergrad. When you are younger, you really want to get over and done with it all (at least I did) and are terrorized by exams.
Zahid Khan , Amrita Rao as Students

Here I'd like to say a tiny something to all teachers - perhaps the magic wand of creating interest for studies, books, facts and education lies with you and if you were to be more hands on, less focused on only exams and a little exciting about the world we live in, our sciences and our languages, co relating it to our everyday lives- you'd have more involved, dedicated, excited and exciting students. And think how delighted that might make you and how much value add it would be for students. They’d actually enjoy the education and not think of study as a chore but come to their books with curiosity and interest.

Ms. Pierce it was who took us to Hollywood homes in Malibu and Beverly Hills, ones that she had designed, to demonstrate design details to us. All design details and technicalities she had spoken about became so clear to us, but in such an exciting way!

Yes, Bollywood's 'Three Idiots' definitely had a strong message for teachers -that to terrorize is not a great way to teach but instead to enjoy the process. Students who will grow up passionate for knowledge, which would your job so satisfying.
For students, the film aptly illustrated that should you follow your heart than greed when choosing your discipline or specialization, you will naturally be a winner. And if your teacher is severe with you, work at creating a rapport and a bond- it can be a beautiful, fulfilling, rewarding relationship.

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