Sunday, December 26, 2010

Love, Loss & Moving on by Nisha JamVwal

Sometimes I wonder why
The vaulted sky
Translucently glows
Through all the lows
Frowns speck my brow
I’m wondering when
The green glen
Be a valley free
To hug a Tibetan tree
A moody dappled moon
Hides from me
A flower in bloom
Un speckled smiles
Unfettered Miles
I’d rest a while
I’d be a child
There was a before
I’d open the door
To dance ashore
Shed cares I wore
Bask in sunlight

Glow in glacial rain.
Today’s torrential might
Downpour wash off the pain!
I’d have to laugh
No more by half

I’m wondering why
Happiness is often shy
So far poor show

Reluctant to grow
Into full bloom
This summer
Into a flower
Oh Shadows pass
Refracted lights of guiding star
Interrupted songs of thrill
The dark night so still
Crowded is the way
Why am I lonely today!
Have you really gone-
I miss you already
its just been an hour?
This din it is a myth?
The silence echoes so loud!
why is there that screech?
A purple passing cloud
I am groping in the haze
Yes Nish its a passing phase
But why must it be so
Sometimes through the downs
The ups triumph anow
Neath heavy storms and bursts
Inspiration sparks spurt out
angrily make their mark
Through thunderous earthquakes
The brightest lights spark out
Magnificent molten larva
Nearly with a zest and spunk!
The night may come again -
May bring again some pain...
But worries and fear (scoffs) vain
C’mon ..........Its getting late
Lets rush to life’s morning fast track spate
That's life here!!!
To live it!!
Like we always did together
Upbeat and forward march...............

Nisha JamVwal


nirupama said...

the gist is very nisha-ish poignant and yet very positive !

Nisha JamVwal Design said...

@nirupama, how wonderfully verbalized!
Its an observation I'll cherish

sharat said...

Made for some interesting reading..... Lady, you rock.... Cheers n God bless :)

Babita said...

Nisha, it is beautiful

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