Tuesday, February 22, 2011

innocent elemental passionate heat........by Nisha JamVwal (1994)

I Seek Not Imortality......................
These hours of mirth
these joyful days....
i beseech you lord
don't let them go,

This blissful haze,
friendships beguiling chord,
formed at this stage
never fall low

sadness and gloom
not seen as yet
depressions malevolent mould
Int the past not met,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Heart Body & Soul By Nisha JamVwal

Are We Two Ships Passing In The Dark?

Life's Meanderings Through Troughs & Triumphs...........

That’s life isn’t it?
Two ships in the dark
Sometimes meet
Sometimes apart
Sometimes back to the start
.. And sometimes we take off where we left
It’s mostly that we meet when i am happy
But then there are times I am bereft

Questioning Soul By Nisha JamVwal

Restless Questioning (Circa 1982)

My heart is wrenched
I cry in Pain
Why I am sad
I cannot say
I find it dark
I grope in vain
My minds unrest
Is there to stay

What is the cause
The clenching hurt
To choke my mind
To kill me yet,
No branch to hold-
I’m sinking in

That Skimpy Top Nouveau Wife Of Today By Nisha JamVwal

Being Superwoman & Running Running Running by Nisha JamVwal

I am late for a meeting with my client, rather late in fact. He was waiting at the site, tapping his toe, and when he saw me, pointedly glanced at his watch and then, mustering an accusatory look on his good-natured face, glanced at me inquiringly. I busily shuffled some drawings, looked important, opened my portmanteau, arranged my papers, chinked my eyes, arranging a bright smile on my face, and apologizing. This pre-work ritual done with, I surprised my client and myself too with the statement: 'Ramesh the difference between you and I is, you have a wife, I don’t!"

Sunday, February 13, 2011



Club Class on Jet Airways A310 was like being at Kala Ghoda - Bombay’s Art District. Looked like everyone was bound toward the Art Summit!
Good show this, a festival of the arts in Delhi. 

The buzz was infectious. Huge droves of people who love the arts… socialites who like to just tag on to anything popular, serious collectors, devoted artists, wannabes… just hoards of people headed to the profusion of art ‘do’s’ set in the Capital to celebrate this Art Fair of sorts. And here I nearly wouldn’t have gone, with my busy schedule, multitasking work, writing and travelling.

Nisha JamVwal Roller Coaster Called Life