Nisha JamVwal’s Christmas Party

Nisha JamVwal’s Christmas Party at Atosa

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Nisha JamVwal
Nisha JamVwal

Lascells Symons, Ritu Pande, Nisha & Azmine of Atosa
Lascells Symons, Ritu , Nisha & Azmine of Atosa

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Gal Pals having a blast in Ritu PandeDalip Tahil, Asha Sachdev, Nisha JamVwal, Lavina Hansraj, Anita RaajCraning my neck upward, sitting nearly at the foot of the ramp I felt I could touch the red embroidered coats on the male models sashaying down the in flamboyant embroidered coats designed by Bollywood producer Karan Johar and Varun Bahl. Bangalore was sure buzzing with the buzz, and my mind was undecided about whether I liked the offerings or not when I saw a flash of gold ochre shining through that I definitely did like. It was only when the house lights came on did I see that it was a lady wearing a Grecian toga like dress pleated on one shoulder that I wanted instantly.
Not stopping to think (characteristically) I trapesed onto the ramp – gown and all – across (yes the Bangalore folk did smile indulgently passing it off as a Bombay quirk) to urge the lady to tell me the designers name. I wanted a creation from the same designer with instancy. I could just see myself in something like it!

Dalip Tahil, Asha Sachdev, Nisha JamVwal, Lavina Hansraj, Anita Raaj

Gal Pals having a blast 

Nitesh & Karan with Nisha

Cut to my Christmas party hosted with store Atosa, here I am in a Grecian inspired gown, enjoying the additional flowerettes on my shoulder giving that extra drama that I love so much. Understated simple lines in dull drab colours without drama are not my cuppatea you might agree? Give me vibrancy and elaborateness of trails and gowns any day. 

Nitesh & Karan with NishaDesigner Ritu with her family
Ritu Pande, Azmina Of Atosa, Vikram Phadnis, NJ
Gal PalsRitu , Azmina, Vikram Phadnis, NJ

Deena, Nitya Satyani, Rahat Khatri, NJ, Tarana Masand, Shaira Wadhwani

Lascelles Symons and Ritu Pande

Aditi & Arzoo Govtrikar with Lascelles Symons.
Aditi & Arzoo Govtrikar with Lascelles 

Nisha JamVwalTucked in a quaint villa with Christmas tree, carols, Christmas pudding and mulled wine we are enjoying the Bandra Christmassy ceremonious air at the fashion evening with friends trouping in to enjoy the Citrine, Gold, Ruby, Flame collared designs in fluid silhouettes.
Jaideep Shetty & Priyadarshini Rao with their little daughter
Jaideep Shetty & Priyadarshini Rao with their little daughter
Vikram Phadnis, Dalip Tahil, Vikas Bhalla, Actors Asha Sachdev, Anita Raaj (famed for beating up poor Dharmendrain ‘Naukar Biwi Ka’), Aditi Gowitrikar, Arzoo Gowitrikar, Konkana Bakshee, Himanshi, Devinder Siddhu, Chocolatier Zeba Kohli, Film producers Anjum Rizvi and Bhramanand, designers Vikram Phadnis, Shradha and Mayank Nigam whose work I really enjoy, Priyadarshini Rao, publishers of ‘Youth Inc Magazine’ Nitish Shah and Karan, Vinod Shankar Nair, Advocate Gautam Tiwari, Jeff Glekin from Reuters , Sam Sheth, Shaira Wadhwani, Sneha Upadhayay .

Nisha JamVwal

Zeba Kohli, Vikas Bhalla
Zeba Kohli, Vikas Bhalla

Even I didn’t expect so many to have enjoyed the party so much!

Lavinia Hansraj, Sneha Upadhyay,Lascelles Symons
Lavinia Hansraj, Sneha Upadhyay,Lascelles Symons

Dalip Tahil
Dalip Tahil and Asha Sachdev

Vikram Phadnis, Aditi GowitrikarThe designer of the evening declares with  sincerity  

“Nisha JamVwal has the aura of a medieval countess sitting in a Venetian palazzo! I have always been inspired by beautiful, intelligent classy and savvy women and the lady who epitomizes all these qualities is my muse and inspiration” -

I am taking a bow guys!  And celebrating with Lascelles, Ritu, Aparna and Azmina at the grand success of our ‘Greco Roman Christmas Party’!!!

Vikram Phadnis, Aditi Gowitrikar

By Nisha JamvWal exclusively for MissMalini

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