Monday, August 29, 2011

Is Living in More Sexy Than Getting Married?

Is Living In With A Lover More Sexy Than Marrying To Get A Husband?

Angela Jolie and Brad Pitt are thinking of got married after years of living together. Why? With half a dozen kids and six years of living in - better late than never, or then not so? 

Quite a feat looking at the long list of live in relationships ending in break ups where the two people who were once inseparable go their own (bitter) ways. And this brings me to the entire premise of live in relationships, should one? Or then should one tie the knot and go for the conjugal bond?

My very personal opinion is that if you’re looking for long term commitment then it may not be a great idea to live in without putting your stock into the marital union which spells long term union. 

There is no such thing really as ‘trial marriage’. You can live together, have sex, put your dirty clothes in the same washing machine and share the same room but that does not a marriage make. It is not even a preparation for marriage. 

It is in my opinion a convenience of sorts without the attendant responsibilities. The live in couple seldom feel secure in the relationship and the desire to create palatable solutions to work toward a future together is absent. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Seductive Japan

Seductive Japan

In 1993 I spent several months in Japan at a little town called Ibaraki and entered a new world of custom, thought and life. More so when I visited Hakone, Mount Fuji et al in the course of a lyrical, beautiful stay with Sachiko, my flatmate  from Los Angeles, and her mother, Keiko Hattori. 

They  gave me a Japanese name, 'Sakura'!
Their word for cherry blossom - a most treasured flower, in their affection and desire to make me part of their beautiful family.

Monday, August 1, 2011

When A Couple Fight! Katrina Kaif & Salman Khan Aren't the only ones who parted ways!

Solving That Battle & Making your Relationship Work By Nisha JamVwal

There was a major learning for me this week, that only a couple in a marriage can work things out for themselves. In my zealousness I had felt protective about the closer spouse from among a couple. Only later did I realize that taking sides and ‘helping’, however well meant, can topple the apple cart and fan already tenuous flames.
A couple must be left to find their own balance.

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