Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sex & Romance on the Internet-Loving Dangerously Seeking Adventure!

Dangerous Love Exciting Romance 

Apart from the obvious dangers,friendships are likely to move into deeper seas of intimacy and at a faster pace, as the level of inhibitions may be relaxed behind the veil of anonymity that the digital screen provides, & even well meaning encounters may be doomed by hasty assessments & subjective perceptions. What one believes may nöt be what is.

Sure , the internet has made dating and mating an easier game. And yes its adventurous; its sexy; it has its thrills; and provides multiple opportunities apart from the flesh and blood ‘been there done that’ option that you have begun to find jaded and mundane. 

And yes I agree- the world is becoming your oyster with the internet and social networking is an exploratory diversion. You could be romancing a handsome Australian or Italian, or a Brazilian beauty by the clicking of some computer keys. 

You can also find a spouse and are no longer restricted by the matrimonial columns or relatives suggesting some ‘eligible’ partner. 
So many internet sites shout out 'Meet sweet pretty girls online for dating' and the subtext is 'mating' too!!! 

But anything that is too good to be true usually is. Too good to be true that is.
Disguised identities, stalkers, rapists, fake photographs abound on the net. Did you know that internet infidelity is the cause for many a divorce, and the statistic of dating, mating and breaking has gone up monumentally due to the ease and availability of sex and relationships, nudity and 'friendships' on the internet?...............

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Attraction Grows with achieving personal dreams! Love Yourself First

Are you Half A Couple

Yes I know that clingy feeling too well. You’re in love, and every minute is either a thought, or a feeling about the him or the her that occupies every minute of your being alive. You are in love!

Another scenario- you’re married and your life is about the spouse and the house. Chores, dinners, friends, all of life filled with together things about and engulfed with the life partner, for better or for worse until death do you apart!

While that is idealistic it is indeed not true always. The truth I believe is quite the opposite.

Did you stop to think about what fascinated you about your partner? The very individualistic characteristics that made the attraction happen? And the partner toward you? To retain that magic the most important thing is ‘me’ time. Time to grow, metamorphose - but happily single for that time where you find the essential you which made the attraction happen in the first place. Too much clinginess and you are just ‘half-a-couple’ joint at the hip.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Shama Sikender On Boyfriend Management- Possessiveness & Letting Go

An Actors Tips on Jealousy , Possessiveness & Letting Go To Win The Game of LOVE

When the very lovely Shama Sikender declared her relationship with Alexx O’Nel, lots of admirers were heartbroken and Bombay’s set was surprised that a model and actor was giving-up her single image so openly, nonchalantly. 

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ramesh 'Sholay' Sippy's Wife & Ex Are Best Friends

Yours Mine & Ours

It was 

sometime ago that I remember reading about Sholay’s high-profile director’s second marriage to Kiran Juneja, a TV actress, after divorcing his first wife Geeta. This was Sippy's second marriage. Kiran, Ramesh and I became friends through my journey in Bombay and you can imagine my surprise when I received fervent invites to a movie preview to Rohan Sippy’s plays and later his wedding parties coming from Kiran. And she was genuinely involved and concerned at the attendance. 
Wasn’t the ‘step-mother’ supposed to be in the outhouse of awkwardness or were these fairy tale clichés? Is it possible to have a yours-mine and ours situation in the real world? Can the first and second wife ever be friends at all? Yes, Yes, yes, I discover in a revealing enlivening chat with Kiran and Ramesh Sippy.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Marrying Friendship & Work, Works For Me

Yes work can definitely be fun. & this I learnt when I realized that I've always pursued professions (yes multiple's) that engaged my heart and mind. So I've been passionate about work and more work. Yes I grew up on the Hindu philosophy of work is worship, that of the Bhagvad Gita that chronicles and philosophises the teachings of the Hindu God Krishna to Arjun. The take away which  was that nothing comes before duty and work is God etc. And so it’s always been work- work- work. 


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