Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bollywood Actor Arjun Kapoor's Journey toward Stardom

He may look like just another ‘star’ actor in the making, smart, handsome, successful and fighting the fight- to make it in the tough, competitive, cut throat world of Bollywood, but that is just a case in point to show that appearances can be deceptive.

It seems like yesterday when I sat with good friend Mona Kapoor, wife of producer Boney Kapoor of ‘Mr India’ fame. Boney had walked out on wife Mona to be with his lady love Sridevi, infront of the whole world. Mona was sad but holding it together for her shy little kids. A young, introverted, quite obese boy walked into the room, mumbled something, slinked out of the room. He was awkward and grew up to be a slightly under-confident teenager at hundred and forty kilos- stroppy and hiding the pain of a father leaving home and going away with actor Sridevi. In the earlier years his parent’s quarrels had frightened him and it all turned out to create an intense, silent boy who is today power house performer Arjun Kapoor. Channelizing all that past angst into powerful performances that can leave audiences spellbound.
Trained in his skills, conversant with the fight and dance requirements of ‘Bollywood’ , disciplined, hardworking and able to project the right image -Arjun delivered three hits first shot with Ishaqzaade, Two States and Gunday. 

Aurenzeb got him critical acclaim and even though it did not set the box office on fire his performance had his characteristic stamp of nonchalant passion got noticed. The unfaltering fiery reckless stamp of acting he has developed comes from all the emotion and life experience that exist just below the surface. I watch with interest this powerful, unassuming performer, who chats candidly, unemotionally about matters of the heart –painful and past.

“However healthy it is to cry and vent pain, not everyone is able to let it all out, but we find solutions in our own way. It is important to make one’s peace and find a positive outlet to pain” he shares.

 Just days before the premier of his first film Ishaqzade, which Mona had looked forward to so longingly- her now slim, tall, macho son would fire up the screen and all those years of hurt and trial would fade into oblivion – she gave into her fight with cancer.  In life, some are dealt more difficult a hand than others. Being an intense and silent young man, Arjun candidly admits that the pain was so deep and yet he was unable to cry. 

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Manisha Koirala on #Life, #Relationships, #Marriage & Internal Growth


A few days ago at lunch with a friend, I noticed how my friend teased her tiny little daughter about her wedding one day -when she’d grow up. The little child delightedly beamed.

A girl’s marriage is a monumental life event, especially in India. Dont ask me why.. I definitely don't agree, its just the way it is, especially in India. - It’s nearly as if her whole life until that red letter day is a preparation for finding the right man, choosing from among friends and acquaintances and then the actual act of marrying him.

 Less so in this day and age maybe, but definitely one of the most important happenings in a girl’s life. This is what actor, confidant and dear friend Manisha Koirala and I discussed over a coffee yesterday when she revealed that this very quest for a soul mate unraveled some unvisited, rare areas of her own personal journey and realities about her own self to her. I realized post my chat that Manisha is even more lovely within, which is what I've known for a long time, but moreso after I heard what she had to say. 
Manisha’s eyes, reflective pools of myriad expression speak to me as she shares “My search for my soul mate led me to myself. When I was young, I was commitment phobic and as time passed by I grew more curious about my purpose. As work lessened and I had more time to think, I saw most of my friends and family happily married, nurturing and growing up their kids.

There was this increasing insecurity of landing up all alone in my old age.
No husband, no children, no grandchildren!
Until the time that I realized there may be no tomorrow. I was told I had cancer.”

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Nisha JamVwal Roller Coaster Called Life