Sunday, February 23, 2014

Open Marriages, Open Love, Open Sex! Do They Work?

Does another society marriage bite the dust? It is being said that the once very romantic couple -ex-model Rhea Pillai and tennis ace Leander Paes- are allegedly daggers drawn and trying to agree on a settlement to go their separate ways. Both came into the relationship with much history, but also what appeared to be much passion. 

The relationship gained momentum even as Leander was supposed to be in a serious relationship with actor Mahima Choudhury- and she stated that she had only stumbled upon the truth of his two timing her much into his relationship with Rhea. She had said at the time "In any relationship, there has to be love, trust, commitment and loyalty. If any one of these elements is missing, the relationship isn't worth pursuing," and most of us would agree with that assumption of a relationship?

Today the situation has come full circle with Rhea and Leander allegedly parting ways in a bitter custody battle, and rumour mills cite the cause of the trouble being an allegedly open marriage.  While this might indeed be chinwag, it makes one ponder the ‘institution’ of open marriages and what they must actually mean.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hritik Roshan & Suzanne Roshan Break Up! Turmoil in human relationships...........

It’s been an eventful year for most people I know. I must admit, for me personally, one of the more challenging years of my life, and yes challenges I’ve indeed had my share of. That’s what actually gives me the bandwidth to chat with you on varied issues, the ability to unravel the secret behind making things work despite the tests and trials that life throws at one. As things go, unless there are calamities at world level, turmoil’s in human relationships assume almost as gigantic proportions as earth shattering events. I have seen so many of these cataclysmic chaos-es this past year- almost like an epidemic. 

In 2013 , some of the most happy relationships broke down and public declarations of divorce, separation and severe cracks euphemistically termed as ‘taking time out’ from the marriage dotted the relationship scene like commas and full stops in a page.

The biggest buzz all year was the breakdown of Hritik Roshan’s marriage of so many years, and their public declaration that came some recently with speculations of the divorce settlement. The golden couple of seventeen years is no longer in the happily ever after. There was an alleged entry of a third party, Arjun Rampal to which Suzanne declared- “it is only about me and Hrithik, nobody else” and wouldn’t you agree? An outsider, of which there are always many prowling about cannot be the cause for fracture of a relationship. Things go wrong in deeper multifarious levels. 

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