Sunday, December 21, 2014

Women Who Fake It

My good friend recently posted a very relevant post on Facebook. Newly married- this ex television VJ unravelled a cornucopia of knowledge about what a woman feels a man desires in her own mind and what he actually gets attracted to in a relationship is very very different.

Women work so hard for big hairdos, lots of makeup, big platform shoes, and expensive accessories, spending hours dressing up for that special man. They crave flamboyant accessories like handbags, which are actually a great put off in a relationship. Men find this superficial and frivolous. The bag, overdone shoes, bling belt, short micro mini and big cleavage only makes a lady look too overstated and ‘branded’.  It is instead most desirable to retain that fragrant simplicity, humour and conversation and let the chemistry and attraction take its course. I’ve always felt and it’s been discovered by me over the years that I’m right about men. They most definitely do not find layers of makeup or layers of artifice fetching. Artless, unpretentious and spontaneous is most gorgeous to a man and allows the relationship to proceed on real and natural footing. 

Loading up on brands and make up can work in the opposite way in fact. Just like women are put off by boastful, braggarts in men, because women also enjoy relaxed, unaffected and open men in the dating and mating journey.  More importantly, a partner who is attracted by brands and superficialities is also not the right person to look out for, because their priorities are not you but the wealth you own. So on all counts I’d go with the sincere unpretentious person for a date over the candidate who shouts feigned contrived and hollow over  a real person of integrity and worthiness.

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dealing With Disillusionment & Disappointment

"Poetry and light come from challenging situations
Disillusionment is ok
- flawed humans become exceptional with strife, trial and coming through tough times! " Nisha JamVwal

Going through a tough relationship, difficult times, harsh words is very painful, and one feels wrenched. 

Yes I know, when we go through hell and back, it does not feel like the time to hear philosophy. We feel terrible and nothing anyone might learnedly espouse works. Infact long lectures make you feel worse. You need space. Life seems awful and you feel like socking anyone who decides to be holier than thou -giving you all this lofty advice.

 It is my opinion, after going through trials and troughs myself that life is like school. We come into the world to grow and deal and become into better human beings and this can only happen when we pass though troubled moments. Most painful of these being not physical pain but issues that stem from painful relationships with lovers, parents, friends and siblings. Most people do go through ups and downs in relationships, loss and pain. The smarter ones learn and grow from the strife.  

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Nisha JamVwal Roller Coaster Called Life