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Intimate Sexy Yacht Parties By Nisha JamVwal

Party Trend By Nisha Jamvwal 
Published In L'Official

Bombay the epicentre of trends in India, reinvents its party mantras all the time. Mid Air fashion shows, exotic Island parties and now Yacht parties that are the trend. The luxury yacht scene, so far the bastion of the affluent and glamorous across the globe, has arrived (in India too), for pleasure & adventure, a statement of uber luxury beyond the 'been there done that 'luxury hotels and private jets. For me the expanse of the horizon, the sky’s vastness above, the lap of waves make for that inimitable experience at once exhilarating, calming & liberating,


taking you into timeless otherworldliness. In angst ridden metro life the magnet for Yacht parties is that getaway even for one night wafting gently 'away from it all' to wake up on another shore under a different flag. Conversations in social circles swirl around these nouveau marvels today. Move over Spa Holidays. 

My first champagne sundowner on a ‘boat’ in Goa with Gulli Punj was followed by a ‘cruise’ 

along Bombay’s coastline with Vijaypat Singhania, Nawaz and Gautam- the pasha of parties on their liner designed with exquisite precision by Gautam himself translating into an epitome of luxurious partying. 

Vijay Malaya’s Kalisma had us all stepping off our Bling stilettos onto his shining teak wood deck, but cutting off from the moorings of the daily mundane made it worthwhile. 

An elaborate brunch spread out 'neath the blue sky with a breeze wafting gently made Bombay a remote memory. Vinit Jain’s all night party onboard a large cruiseliner subsequently, wafting across the seas with gently lapping waves and an unending skyline in the throes of the warm sea air intertwined with music was liberation.

The yacht I was on last week had guests swimming in an infinity pool post lunch, while other guests just hopped into little Jacuzzi niches in groups. State of the art gym, games centres and what-have-you’s , lounges & exquisite bedrooms that had guests taking a catnap made me realize why yacht parties are an enduring preference with a life tempo that does not permitt you to disconnect completely from its high energy pulse.

A party is after all a recreation meant to relax you, and we take it like work sometimes. “Groan, one more ‘party’ we have to ‘show face at’”. And so the escape of a Yatch seems ideal. Model Dipanita Sharma has bought a stunning Dhow. Last week she flagged off a unique enterprise of leasing it out for parties, making the most of this ongrowing trend. 

 A sassy business venture this, I think to myself at the inaugural celebration, as I take in the immaculate chefs and staff dispensing efficiently the art works of food platters and tall drinks and savour this small utopia away from reality and intrusive hubbub, wishing it could go on forever.

Some of the largest luxury yacht’s in the world belong to Indians- Vijay Mallya, (no surprise there) and the Ruia's who own a luxurious behemoth where legendary parties happen. 

You are conveyed into another world by a benevolent breeze that blows your hair. A gentle sailing rhythm enhances the environs so all around seem great friends. 

One comes back as if awakening from a dream with a lingering memory that endures even as you are immersed once again into the chaotic buzz of traffic snarls and work as usual. No party on terra firma remotely compares.

Nisha JamVwal
Published L'Official
Photo Courtsey L'Official & Dipanita Sharma

Nisha JamVwal
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It actually was a SEXY PARTY...and you luking SUPER SEXY!!!!

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