Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Parineeti Chopra's Musings on Loneliness, Love, Companionship & Bollywood!

Working Out Loneliness 

With Parineeti Chopra 

I've always enjoyed the absolutely candid Parineeti Chopra, her joie de vivre, her artless sex appeal, her straight up dialogue delivery. Nearly as if she was speaking in a real life situation in front of me. Her sense of fun & comic timing I find the most attractive. I really felt she had it all, looks, humor and success. But looks can be deceptive isn't it?.............................

Parineeti Chopra’s raw, vulnerable appeal is not a put on charade, it is real. She's just what you see. No hidden meanings, no pretense, no affectations. If I was a man, I'd be in love!  I am completely taken aback- in a nice way-at her disarmingly candid admissions. She's absolutely honest when she confides about life being a tough game of survival- survival in the big bad transnational Bombay and loneliness. On her advise of how a young beautiful girl can survive through a city where loyalty, trust, camaraderie are soon to be relegated to the dinosaur age?

"Two years of surviving alone taught me to be detached and develop mental strength.”
Parineeti is now adroit at her survival tricks that didnt come easily, and it took a little knocking around to figure out the ropes- “ I recommend  you harden your skin to unnecessary criticism that can also be malicious if you have to survive and succeed in this city. I was most lost and unused to the harsh words when I was new. It used to bog me down. Now I'm learning the art of survival."

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