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The décor was in the colors of the night sky, that mysterious blue, and everything was crystal translucent white. 

Even the gown Komal Sood had created for me, flowing silver white, had an ethereal quality. And the fact that the theme of the evening was ‘Celestium’ just made everything more lyrical and poetic. Some evenings just have that magical feel to them.  Celestium incidentally, is Zoya’s- the Luxury Jewelry Brand by the TATA group- latest collection that captures the magic that lies beyond the skies.  

The beauty of the cosmos, whose mysteries remain yet unraveled- where the infinite space is populated with celestial objects that are as beautiful as they are timeless- is retold with gems and precious stones, exquisite jewels, diamonds.  Cocktail rings, chocker’s, bracelets and earrings use heavenly bodies as their theme and inspiration.  

I must confide here, that I had enrolled myself into a program called ‘Amateur Astronomers society’. I’ve been a closet astronomer, and am a lifelong fan of Carl Sagan. It’s a different story that I have (much as I’ve tried) not really managed to finish the box set ‘Cosmos’ by him, but any free time and you’ll find me getting in some of his self-related documentary. And yes, I almost forgot to confide, that I waited in line to meet Stephen Hawking, something that I’ve never done, nor will, for anyone else. The depth, mystery and extent of exploration that constitutes galaxies and space are my greatest attraction in life.

The constituents of a galaxy -formed out of gaseous matter that assembles through gravitational self-attraction in a hierarchical manner and the resulting fundamental components which are stars- typically assembled in clusters from the various condensing nebulae, make all worldly pursuits and concerns seem so inconsequential isn’t it?

Before I get totally carried away, let’s get back to the evening of September the 11th, Wednesday, at Zoya. Not a very attractive date for all of us inhabitants of the world after the US 9/11 devastation, but I have to say it turned out to be a fabulous evening for all of us who spent the evening together. 

Right from the start it was beautiful. Friends trooped in, unmindful of six other events in Delhi, which could have been invites to the Buckingham Palace for all they cared. What mattered to them was that they were decked out for their good friend- yours truly- and they stayed to the end with me, celebrating our friendship of years (yes, in Delhi it was that I spend some years at middle school and did English Honors), celebrating the universe, the celestial mysteries, but most important, celebrating the new, expansive Zoya, the trusted Tata luxury jewelry maison. 

The evening could have been anywhere in the world, a grand orchestra played, and we were all transported with a sense of other worldliness. Literally and metaphorically. Superbly musical, there was Hồ Lệ Thu famous performer from northern Việtnam, Nush Lewis contemporary Indian harpist, and Imran khan who mesmerized with his violin solo and even his jugalbandi with Lệ Thu.

CK Venkatraman, CEO for TITAN’s jewelry company, flew down especially with business head for Zoya Arif. As early as six, people started joining us for champagne. And while I’d love to recount each and every guest who came, as each friend is special in a unique way, I was in a tizzy, between greeting, meeting, not tripping on my stunning silver Komal Sood gown which she specially created for me (yes I missed her presence but she was there in spirit), handling the mike, champers and hors d’œuvres, so I’ll just say- let the pictures speak those thousand words. 

Thank you Ustaadma Zila Khan jee, 
Aryama Sunderam, Maharani Divya Bharatpore,  Devi Cherian, my lovely childhood friend Devika Sahani who was so supportive, artist GR Irana, Artist Jatin 

Das, Childhood friends Vivek Bhandari and Nauhar Shamsher Rana with their absolutely lovely wives Anisha and Sunita who only add to the bonds, school buddy Anshu Arora Khera always there for me in every way and my Delhi Public School gang, Bina Ramani, my dear dear friend of years Payal Jauhar, VN Dalmia, Designers Rakesh Aggarwal,  Aparna & Norden Wangdi, Mandira Wirk, Jatin Kochar, Savvi Mehra, Rimple Nirula,; Sonu & Atul Wassan and their lovely daughter, Meghna Valaya, Sanjay

Geeta ; Anil Mehra,  Purnima Dhawan, Ramola Bachchan, Nawab Kazim of Rampur, Vandana Vadera, Shivani Chopra, Shalini Kochar, Anuja Gaur who came despite food poisoning looking lovely, Saloli Kumar Princess Nisha Singh, Princess Neera Thakur and all lovely Rajput family who always come in and make the evening regal and out of this world and all of you who took out the time and effort to be by my side, to sparkle up the ‘heavenly’ evening.
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