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Parineeti Chopra's Musings on Loneliness, Love, Companionship & Bollywood!

Working Out Loneliness 

With Parineeti Chopra 

I've always enjoyed the absolutely candid Parineeti Chopra, her joie de vivre, her artless sex appeal, her straight up dialogue delivery. Nearly as if she was speaking in a real life situation in front of me. Her sense of fun & comic timing I find the most attractive. I really felt she had it all, looks, humor and success. But looks can be deceptive isn't it?.............................

Parineeti Chopra’s raw, vulnerable appeal is not a put on charade, it is real. She's just what you see. No hidden meanings, no pretense, no affectations. If I was a man, I'd be in love!  I am completely taken aback- in a nice way-at her disarmingly candid admissions. She's absolutely honest when she confides about life being a tough game of survival- survival in the big bad transnational Bombay and loneliness. On her advise of how a young beautiful girl can survive through a city where loyalty, trust, camaraderie are soon to be relegated to the dinosaur age?

"Two years of surviving alone taught me to be detached and develop mental strength.”
Parineeti is now adroit at her survival tricks that didnt come easily, and it took a little knocking around to figure out the ropes- “ I recommend  you harden your skin to unnecessary criticism that can also be malicious if you have to survive and succeed in this city. I was most lost and unused to the harsh words when I was new. It used to bog me down. Now I'm learning the art of survival."

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For someone who has felt lonely, worked at becoming a great actor without the crutches of 'godfathers' and 'godmothers' and even felt the pangs of survival in a tough city and an even more tough scathing movie world of Bombay called 'Bollywood', I marvel at this lovely friend, while we sip our tea. Parineeti Chopra comes out a balanced, focused and with it actor more than just a ‘star’ and justifies Varun Dhawan’s statement - Varun feels that Parineeti is one of India’s most talented artists in #Bollywood today. Actually, if I may make an admission so do I . In Kill Bill she steals the show. And my all time favorite is ofcourse Hasi To Phasi. Shes a riot as a freak. So endearing that I feel I've known her forever. 

“I used to get very easily bogged down by poor reviews, bad pictures, scrutiny of my clothes and found it very hard to stay happy. When you are around people who you’ve grown up with, a brother a friend from childhood it’s easy to vent and keep ones sanity. I had to work it out for myself however, as I am quite alone. I had to teach my self not to get affected by criticism....

She plays the ‘Bindas’, self-assured, independent and liberated girl more often than not in her celluloid avatar. Is that who Parineeti is? No, its not, she's actually a vulnerable, shy and the opposite of brash or outspoken. Shes polite, tentative and soft. Looks are not always representative of what is! - Especially in Bollywood!

The truth is Parineeti actually finding her bearings even as we speak in Bollywood, Life and Bombay. The big glamorous world of Bollywood may have accepted her with open arms, and her talent is compared with Kajol’s, but she has not grown up here. She was a banker from Manchester with no understanding of Bollywood or Bombay's fast paced, judgmental society. 

"I recommend that people who have work stress always develop one or two mentors to help work things out objectively and detachedly. Thirdly develop a sense of independence and self-reliance, I know it’s easier said than done but when you are a working girl living alone it is a practice one just has to develop. I feel that in a society where its each one for themselves its important to work on one's sense of self worth!”

Parineeti's foray into Bombay  was with a mindset to pursue a humdrum career in Public relations. Little did she imagine that she would become such a popular star. She was just coerced into acting and managed to make such a success of it with her disarming- real- from –the- heart brand of acting that she just became an instant hit in Hindi cinema.

What followed was the protocol required to exist. “I cannot suck-up, I cannot party for the sake of networking. I do realize that friendship is important but I cannot make friends or have relationships with an agenda. I’d like to be considered for a film because I am good at my job. If I’d have grown up in this milieu I’d not get depressed so easily. Whom do I speak to, confide in? How was I going to manage? 

Any career is exacting and Bollywood more so. 

Survival is tough in a big city and young ladies and even young men sometimes get lonely and depressed. Only this week Deepika Padukone spoke quite openly about dealing with depression. Lots of actors suffer it but very few have the tenacity to open out about survival. 

Parineeti is different and is open about her sense to loneliness, survival pangs, concern about the outcome of her work, and it is endearing to hear her be outspoken and open about her experiences and share them so sincerely. She did manage to work it out to some extent and still works at herself, her ability to survive the knocks just as she enthralls at the accolades and praise...........

"To have a friend or mentor like I have Adi Chopra is absolutely essential for any actor. I'd recommend it to all people in fact. One or two real, from the heart people can make life for you. It brings meaning and direction.  For me Adi's humane approach and friendship help me deal with work issues. I go to my friend , director Manish Sharma who did ‘Band Baaja Baraat’,  for professional advice"

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