Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rare Are Those That Care. Life Beyond Herds & Hordes!

Life Beyond Herds & Hordes! 

Bad times
Who doesn’t have them?
Ask me? I know! I’ve had many
Pretty pictures talk lies
They tell untruths to the skies
But what is the truth
Unfurled only by the sleuth
Them that care or then stare!
Laughing together brittle tinkling of glass
Tears in darkness alone alas!
Come out of it stronger in the light
Sparkle after storms
Tougher sunshine nimble bright.

Rare are those that care
Stones galore Gems are rare
Why are we looking everywhere?
Let’s just bother with the Gems
Let’s just hang-on to the rare?
Let’s let go of the frail crackling slate
Hollow flimsy weak and fake.
Let’s go deeper into the night
Out on a limb and into flight
Fly beyond fakeness and the noise
Fly into the conscience and hear the voice
The voice of silence.
The voice of light
The sound of  deep stillness sparkles bright

If you look life squarely in the eye
You’ll see a pastiche of low and high
Troubles, betrayal, pain and angst
A school of wisdom, Fruition, the skies
Evolution happens with every change
Bad or good on life’s shooting range
Stagnancy –the fruit of all that is good
A life of comfort where you idly stood

Jump the hurdles up and above
Gain courage and strength you ideally should
Take experience on- focus, learn
Dive deep within absorb, hone
You are with you! you’re greatest strength
And those few rare ones you choose
In all the noise all the crowd
Spare time for life’s greatest gift of life

Not muddle away in the crowds and herds
Hordes of ‘also rans’, stagnant waters,
Turbid, unclear among the ‘Jonses’.
‘I’m better’ they fought and fraught
Every shiny thing for which they fought
Every gift of gold and diamond they sought
Everything ‘betterer’ and ‘bigger’ they caught
Life frittered away in groups
Carbon copies of each other
Moving in noisy troops
A life spent in aping the hordes
Doing tricks to please jumping hoops
Just to fit into the ‘pack’
Never dared to be different & alone.

You’re better off on your own
Journey on, seek and find
Seek unaided discoverer you!
Seek beyond away from the blind
Unaccompanied look within
Unaccompanied by another’s whim
Inspiration and light is only quiet
Move away from the hoards and din

Strength! go for the divine treasure inside
Fresh unique soundless win
Not mindless material toys
But A universe of boundless joys
Effulgent, liberating wings
Of Freedom from bonding binding things.

Love & Light

Nisha JamVwal

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