Monday, November 21, 2011

Runaway Marriage, Secret Confidences & Life With Kim Sharma

Kim's Marriage Into A Different Culture Different Country Different Situation

Kim Sharma came to the Bollywood scene with a lot of expectations, scandal, speculation and curiosity about her. And then 'boom' she was married all of a sudden. No one knew to whom, when and why so suddenly. What followed was a  lot of speculation about Kim Sharma’s sudden marriage, not all of it charitable. 

What many don't realize is that marriage is a tenuous decision as it is, and then to drop all comfort zones, start a new life in a new country with a man from a different faith all on an instinctive gut feel  may make it even more concerning for a first time bride. Especially if she’s a recognized face with a Bollywood past that has been difficult. Surviving in the Hindi film milieu is not easy and Kim was making a leap of faith. There is then bound to be more gossip and scrutiny and pressure.

So it was that when Kim Sharma eloped , she choose to just keep it understated and see for herself how things would pan out with a decision that was impulsive and based on love but not necessarily practicality.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What Do You Do When You Love Someone & They Don't Love You Back

Jim Carrey’s latest film, ‘Mr Poppers Penguins’ has his adolescent daughter asking her father, “what do you do when you love someone and they don't love you back?” The question became even more relevant when a few readers of this column wrote in and asked me the same question. The obvious answer that jumps into mind is many fish in the sea! You move on and preoccupy yourself with more important issues like work and life and come back to the drawing board when something more reciprocated finds its way into your life than belabour an equation is a non starter?

‘Love is not enough. It must be the foundation, the cornerstone - but not the complete structure.’ 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sushmita Sen Talks To Nisha JamVwal on Love, Romance, Marriage & Kids


She's one woman who so aptly exemplifies 'Bold and Beautiful'.

The warmth and exuberance that Sush exudes is infectious, and real. She's one of the most unpretentious star's I've met, and you might have noticed I don't use the word 'star' for just anyone who is an actor. To me an actor is an actor is an actor! Doing a job and earning a living. A bigger paycheck maybe, but fame and fortune is transient and erratic. Warmth and goodness are not common attributes in the artificial world of acting out roles! Sush, a star all the way, brings out a genuine affection, a desire to know what has kept a real woman in an artificial world so warm, loving and genuine?                                          

Most often the one thing a bachelor girl who wants to go it alone misses is a child. I find out, in our tete-a-tete I find that Sush found the all-round fab answer which allowed her not to cling to the first eligible that came her way, and here she is a successful, independent woman living life as a strong , living by her own rules, glamorous persona- the vibrant Sushmita Sen! Lives life on her own terms and a four-letter word to the world. 

She is the poster girl for today’s thinking, achieving woman- and the not so hi profile  want to know what it is to take the big step toward adoption, does it change life for the better, and what does it take  to go her way. 

Is it even possible to live life with the challenges that she must face on a personal level, because it can’t have been an easy decision. Taking on adoption of two girls without the conventional male support-how did she asses all this in life's weighing scale and what of the need of a psychological father figure? What guidelines would she give? While the world sees a rosy picture augmented by the glossies I’ve always wondered what are the challenges Sushmita encounters?  Would growing up children not miss the peer group conventional ‘dad’? Even condemn the unconventional in their young naïveté' and judgemental way?


Nisha JamVwal Roller Coaster Called Life