Monday, May 30, 2011

Warren Buffet Breakfast with Nisha JamVwal


One would have expected much jargon and involved financial plans and philosophies from Warren Buffet. So I went to the private closed door breakfast do expecting it to be a ‘gods best friend speaks from a pedestal to normal mortal’s’ breakfast do. What transpired was delightful and contrary. I met a warm, irreverently humorous, charming man teeming with thoughts and ideas, who seemed to embody a magical enthusiasm, a man whose child within hadn’t died. A man who had touched my life with his infectious excitement at being alive.

The question and answer interaction was even more inspirational, I came out charged with ideas and thoughts. “I jump out of bed and tap dance to work every morning, life excites me” he said. ‘For me there is no destination, it’s just the journey. Life is like an unfinished painting.” IT brought to mind what Aamir Khan’s character in Three Idiots propounds,

Intimate Sexy Yacht Parties By Nisha JamVwal

Party Trend By Nisha Jamvwal 
Published In L'Official

Bombay the epicentre of trends in India, reinvents its party mantras all the time. Mid Air fashion shows, exotic Island parties and now Yacht parties that are the trend. The luxury yacht scene, so far the bastion of the affluent and glamorous across the globe, has arrived (in India too), for pleasure & adventure, a statement of uber luxury beyond the 'been there done that 'luxury hotels and private jets. For me the expanse of the horizon, the sky’s vastness above, the lap of waves make for that inimitable experience at once exhilarating, calming & liberating,


Rencontre with Jeffrey Archer on Love, Writing, Life, Literature

Excerpts of my Interview/ Recontre for L'Official Magazine 
With Jeffrey Archer
An informal chat at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Bombay

Nisha: Tell us about the new book, And thereby hangs a tale. What do you want to say to the readers through this story

Jeffrey :I have been inspired by my travels over the past few years, to write 15 short stories set around the world that I hope will intrigue and amuse my readers – from Germany, there is A Good Eye, the tale of a priceless oil painting that has remained in the same family for over 200 years, to Italy and No Room at the Inn, and and to the finale, a love story about two interesting people I met while in India, Caste-Off, set in Delhi.

Nisha interjects : I think Jeffrey readers will love your rendition of a story that is real but edited with such style and staccato quickness where he cuts to the present, and in India they will enjoy reading the story of someone they know and see often in the media, without knowing the reality of her life!


A Little Empathy Please

Coming back to warm, hospitable, over solicitous India was magical! Just over a decade ago- back from my study work stint in the US of A- and I was ready to conquer the world! Little had I imagined how drastically one disastrous split second could change my life. An accident to a dear one in my life.

Yes India is hospitable to all and sundry. But not to wheelchairs. Have you noticed how people on wheelchairs seldom go out in this country? How they cannot nearly ever use public spaces? How they actually hibernate and hide at home as a result? However a person close to me, a state level sportsman, a sports star from his college days, when he was hit with spinal injury, was not about to be stuck indoors. Wheelchair or no wheelchair. He was tenacious, optimistic,              rambunctious and an outdoor man in every way.

Nisha JamVwal Roller Coaster Called Life