Sunday, February 20, 2011

Heart Body & Soul By Nisha JamVwal

Are We Two Ships Passing In The Dark?

Life's Meanderings Through Troughs & Triumphs...........

That’s life isn’t it?
Two ships in the dark
Sometimes meet
Sometimes apart
Sometimes back to the start
.. And sometimes we take off where we left
It’s mostly that we meet when i am happy
But then there are times I am bereft

Tumultuous soul that’s me

I am often at sea
That's life isn’t it?
Gotta live it with grit!

But what’s the use I ask myself?

I mean where is it leading, it’s so dark?
I feel there is sometimes blankness
Staring at me, a wall that I think looks stark
I feel I am desolate in a terrain severe.

But then I realize, Gosh, my vision isn’t complete
I hadn’t seen the rest at all !!
Why do I sometimes stall?
It’s quite a brilliant part that I had missed
Sheer ignorance, which is not bliss
I am assured that I must open my eyes to see
That there is much awaiting me
Maybe you could come to my side
And begin to look at things at this angle
Using a lens more wide?

Listen! I cannot promise that it gets better

But I feel that there is more
To life’s pages in this letter
I somehow feel we’ll be fine
But I do know you will shine

Try to have that patience, it won’t hurt.

I know it’s tough to do.......
And we do tend to hem and skirt
But issues resolve and this I know is true

When the night is dark a cliché I quote

The sun shines brighter
And you can jog in the light I promise
Feeling happy, and more than ever before..... Lighter
Of heart, body and soul

Nisha JamVwal
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