Sunday, December 22, 2013

Trust & Loyalty, Are They Relevant Words Today?

The timeless ingredients that outlast rapids and turbulence in relationships is communication and trust.

Backbiting and gossip is rife in a society where social aspiration and climbing up the ladder for invitations and name dropping abound. So how do relationships and friendships survive in a predominantly farcical and superficial urban milieu, where page three culture dominates?

When all else points to a loved one or a friend being guilty, telling you that they are at fault, and you are the victim-stop to think and evaluate the situation before jumping to conclusions. How are you going to do that!

 I'd like to ask you if words like 'loyalty', 'trust', 'honesty' have become obsolete, traded for upwardly mobile attributes like ambition, pecking order and social advancement. I mean which world am I living in, I ask myself! And my answer is this- qualities like loyalty and trust are classics that outlast transient shallow trends.

If you’ve cared for and loved someone for years, and something goes wrong where your loved one is ostensibly to blame, stop to think, evaluate, communicate and discuss the situation before jumping to conclusions. Ask what transpired and if he or she had anything to do with the problem. Always draw from the ‘bank balance’ of good memories and the loyalty you’ve seen all the 

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