Monday, October 5, 2015

My Book Of Life #NishaJamVwal

Life is about GoingOn
Ask Me, I Know...
It busts your chops
It picks up somewhere along the way
& you don't even know when & how it happened
But you're sort of in the game
Getting the plot
& cracking the code

some hiccups,
some halts,
some bluffs,
some faults…
... hurdles teach
you grow & you reach
If all was cushy & calm
there would be no harm
but no sparkle through
carbon comfort
pain & hurt
molds & hones
sticks & stones
sculpt & form
post the storm
a statuesque life
only strife
my master
my guide
I have swum
Against the tide
sunlit island
alone with light
Mountain heights

Clear blue sight
Skies crystal white
Did I even know
Deep inside
It would be this
Life of strife
It works out
In the end
You’ll see
Walk the walk
Talk the talk
Do your thing
Out on a limb
I’m seeing it all
Crystal clear
Sparkling past
All the smoke
It is the truth
Just see it through
The night & fog
And you’ll know
And you’ll see
Your life so clear
Give up this fear
Hold your hand
Youre not alone
You have you

My view
My book of life
I see it clear
I know it now
I have been
To the deep
I tried to swim
I failed I thought
Until I sailed
I did swim
I did walk
I promise you
It’s all so fine
Drink up your wine
You’re at the gate
I’m here come soon
Why wait?

Nisha JamVwal

Nisha JamVwal Roller Coaster Called Life