Sunday, February 20, 2011

Questioning Soul By Nisha JamVwal

Restless Questioning (Circa 1982)

My heart is wrenched
I cry in Pain
Why I am sad
I cannot say
I find it dark
I grope in vain
My minds unrest
Is there to stay

What is the cause
The clenching hurt
To choke my mind
To kill me yet,
No branch to hold-
I’m sinking in

So bleak so cold
The clutching din
The echoes loud
Tear me apart
The passage black
No end no start

This questioning soul
These restless thoughts
This quest that stings
Wrenched spirit brings
Life’s trilling mirth
want never I see

Right from birth
Loner to be

Nisha JamVwal

ps Disclaimer: written through a

meandering phase, transient, passing, passed!!!

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