Saturday, June 27, 2015

Date Night

Date Night

Maybe it was a statement that a friend made- she was surprized at a couple phoning each other during day. Or snide behind -the back comments that I overheard about a couple intimately dining together- 

"Maybe they don't have friends? Or then they surely lack an adequate social circle."

 Is it too extraordinary then to go on a date after you get hitched or married? I mean what happened to all the love and intimacy of the run up to marriage? It happens to an extent  (but not hundred percent) in the Indian context where earlier generations viewed marriage as bringing up children and attending to material advance and  serious family business, wary of the lighter aspects. Perhaps the times demanded it. 

I'm glad to say things are different now, but need for valuable investment and that bonding of two persons as friends and lovers. 

I'd recommend the richer life experience  where a couple need to see an outing  beyond a "social get together" but just as a "together" evening  of leisure time to consciously  savor each other’s company. To rekindle earlier romance or just bond as "best friends". 

I strongly suggest you drop the carryover mind-set from the past that used to go " once you have kids -, as if youth went out with the seven "pheras.  I’d recommend you consciously build on the fun and laughter of the "popcorn an movie" dates.  After all you are as young as your heart is (emotional heart, that is).


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Understanding Misunderstanding!!!

We seemed to disagree on most things and I would never have believed that we’d be friends one day. 

Some relationships are just so full of misunderstandings and this was one such interaction. From the time I met Feroza it had been one thing after another. And yet after a few years I found we had a kindov good understanding and got along without a glitch. I surprised myself and set thinking about how this had happened and what had transpired. Wasn't it true that either there was a chemistry or then there were people you just kept away from because there seemed to be miscommunication and lack of a synchronicity? How wrong I was. 

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