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Do Choices become narrower with a person growing older? 

Do we have to compromise and settle for the first half-decent person that comes along?

A close friend is constantly compromising on her romantic partner, short-selling herself in relationships and unable to find a steady fit. I realize this is because she is settling for second best, or maybe even third best, concerned at the age factor creeping on her.     
 - That as time goes by the choices may become fewer. So she goes for the first contender who might not be of her standard and it results in a relationship that is inadequate from both angles. 

He on the other hand, finds she is demanding  (because she is used to better), and she is constantly trying to improve him and guide him into being more than he is. Dissatisfaction and inadequacy results from an unequal fit.

If you look at Bollywood, going by even a Salman Khan, he only went from an older Aishwarya Rai to a more eclectic Katrina Kaif, and seems to be going strong with a great female following. One wouldn't exactly say he is without choices? Insecurity and fear bring with them imbalanced behavior  and you end up driving your suitors away. Instead, do what your doing and the right person will just amble into your life, hearth and heart! Sounds idealic? Just try it.....

Choices, I believe, may not become fewer as you grow older. What actually happens is we become more discerning as we grow as individuals and quite obviously we find fewer people who fit the bill. This panics us, and instead of realizing that it’s all about exclusivity we allow the first of the dregs that arrives into our personal space- into our lives.

The meaning of love changes as we grow older and we begin to look for more meaningful outputs from a relationship. Maybe we are not looking for rocks (read diamonds) and handbags and presents, but experiences together, companionship, intellectual stimulation- movies, books, sceneries, travels and time! 

And so while it looks like choices are growing narrower, the truth is we are becoming more discerning, more astute, more eagle eyed! We are no longer engaged with a beefy guy boasting about how many yokels he beat up, and a man as he grows up looses interest in a woman showing off about how many conquests she made and how feverishly she is perused or only how good her legs are. He wants someone he can chat to after a long hard day. 

Now as we grow 'up' and mature we want that fit where we long to be with a person the second he leaves us post a date. Someone we want to hear the voice of nearly always. And do believe me, this is indeed possible. Just have that staying waiting power. 

Shilpa Shetty might have despaired at not finding the man she would tie the knot with until she met Raj Kundra, but when she did find ‘The’ man, not only was she overjoyed that she had waited until the ‘right guy’ had arrived but felt that marrying in her late thirties was  lucky . “I’m way more mature, and when I look back at some of the things I did , or how possessive I have been in relationships I feel it gave me time to be more complete. And to make the right choice. I feel choices don't grow narrower, infact we get wiser to see things in a better perspective. It worked out brilliantly, the wait for the right person.”

My favorite movie character from Kung Fu Panda, Master Shifu,  was not wrong when he said inner peace is the key to solve all problems. The sense of equanimity that comes from self  assurance is what brings you to the realization that it shall all happen when it is meant to. Serendipity does exist, however fantastic it may sound, and you do come by someone with the right fit at the right time. Maybe not on your Venetian holiday as you had expected, sitting by you on the plane, but at the local gym. Who knows?

Spend your time doing things that improve you and don't occupy yourself with the waiting game, instead work at your self. It'll happen when its meant to. Just dont expect that you'll  look like a truck hit you , by letting yourself go, and then the man will unearth the inner you from under oodles of fat and bad skin. The packaging has to be kept in mind  too please!!!

The thing to avoid is to become desperate and compromise in the fear that you are growing older. Or make demands when someone does turn up. -That kills romance. 

You know you are in love when life is full of fascination, the mundane has new appeal, you feel kindly toward most people and are patient when people try your patience, and you’re smiling foolishly at yourself over happy thoughts of your partner and actually smelling the flowers. It makes you feel kind-of foolishly delighted, however old you are. 

I’ve seen so many friends find the right partner and enjoy a long happy relationship that culminates into marriage when they’ve just gone about their lives without making ‘finding’ a man the be all and end all of their lives. Fabulous things come to you when you are least occupied with them.

It’s a wonderful feeling and worth waiting for. And worth NOT compromising for. And worth working for. Worth watching the calories for and worth nourishing your brain for too. 

So let not despondency of age and fewer choices make you despair!

Written for Printed & Published in Asian Age & Deccan Chronicle \
Nisha JamVwal
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shamita Shetty On Love, Marriage & Being Single

What Kind Of Man Is Shamita Waiting for to make wedding bells ring for her?

In a world where women tend to throw the towel in and compromise on their cherished dreams of what constitutes an idyllic marriage, Shamita Shetty has been stoically single. She prefers to play the waiting game and follow sister Shilpa Shetty. -To look for someone that meets all her expectations, someone like Raj Kundra –“he has all qualities of a good sincere man. The quintessential ‘Mr Nice Guy’ - Unfortunately he’s taken. Fortunately by my sister” she laughs.

     I’ve known the family closely, and also realized how important it is in the eyes of the   family  for the girls to settle down and create a solid family. And yet Shamita waits  patiently for the man who will sweep her off her feet. What is she looking for in her man?


Monday, May 7, 2012

What Men Want

With women becoming more forward , not waiting for the phones to ring like in the days of yore, today’s woman goes for the kill and a Man is spoilt for choice. Those women that don't make the cut despite going for the kill, end up the wall flowers ‘sitting out the dances’ and are left wondering what they must lack. 
What is it that puts a man off or turns him on

What is the list of do’s and most importantly the don't’s and where are they missing out. Why is the fabulous romance they see in films and movies not brilliantly lighting up their lives? And this is evident from the many emails inundating my box asking me what puts a man off and how can they make a relationship happen in their lives. And so it was that I went about asking some suave savvy men what it was that put them off. Because my take is, that before a man is attracted he must not be repelled.

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