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A Brush With The Divine -- Sushmita Sen and Nisha JamVwal Picture # 155976

Doing an Art show with Sushmita Sen for her NGO was enriching. Not only because she is a great person to work with, expansive, nurturing, appreciative, as is Neelam her sister, but because to take time out to care for our people is most important in an age of selfishness and personal agendas.
The other night at dinner at Zodiac Grill, an obese man stuffing one more cheese souffle in his stomach was most upset when I sited an inspiring tale about a wealthy Delhi Businessman who has chosen to put all his money into an educational trust fund to allow for greater education in the underprivileged sections of society.  "How ridiculous that is" he ranted and raved, "he must leave everything to his children. How unfair". 
I went on to explain that he had given his sons a fantastic education and a swank apartment,  now the rest was upto the gumption and drive of the son, to work within his fathers company and multiply his wealth. What was the achievement and earning of the Businessman he choose to share with many children rather than upon the excesses of his own children.
You can imagine my dismay and surprize when I found few people walking away from the table, looking at me in a mix of fear and disdain. 
Then we do live in a selfish world? 
But I hadn't imagined it was so bad, the rot!
The obese man is only one example of our self absorbed society, and the Delhi Businessman one among a rare few!
We may not realize it, but we are blessed. If we have even a few of the privileges-  a family that loves us, friends that care for us, we are physically able and have a beautiful home we call our own- we are fortunate. 
That is so much more than the children who come from slums and shanty towns proliferating in cities can ever hope for in their entire lifetimes.

It becomes then our responsibility to spread our blessings amongst those who are less fortunate. 

To spread the umbrella of giving and making the world a better place for those who are not born in the same situations as us. For no fault of theirs.

It is important to become part of some giving and sharing to make for a better tomorrow in this world. 
On this evening with Sush, artists from across the country came forward and created exquisite artworks that are happy, vibrant and in sync with our cultural ethos. They were sold to contribute to the  charities supported by the foundation.

 Mother Teresa said “I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, butonly more love”. Lets share a little love and go back even more blessed.

Nisha JamVwal

Nisha JamVwal
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