Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Relationships Are Not Just About Good Sex! What Women Want...

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Recently a man at dinner asked- "Nisha please tell me what turns women on, women are so difficult to figure out!"

Yes I agree! (and it might take me a book to answer that one!)  

Men try to figure us out, but don't always succeed!  And yes things would be so much easier if they knew some few pointers, so that they knew at those special moments what matters to us?
Don't get me wrong! I’m not saying we want effeminate men who are fĂȘting us at every moment, but yes to be better understood might work to smooth-en a relationship. So recently when I met an ardent reader of this column who pleaded with me to write about ‘what do women essentially want in a man, i'd really like to know, they baffle me!’ Does a women enjoy being wined and dined, to bring her flowers, offer compliments, text her every hour and without a fail wish her "sweet dreams" every single night he asked me. 

These are superficial, short term courting options. No. The reality is quite different. This is why I thought , yes, I’d ask some of my girlfriends to tell me what are the special traits that would clinch it for them in terms of falling for the ‘right’ man, or what are the major put offs in their book?

Let me start with the big put offs- ‘Freeloaders’ and ‘name droppers’ are revolting, that make women want to run a mile.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sex Hormones That Create Havoc

When Hormones Wreck Harmony What Do You Do?
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Yes everyone shies away from the H- word- And yet we all know it exists! Men dread it and women sometimes pretend to themselves that they might be the chosen ones unaffected by the onslaught.

Hormones do play havoc in a woman’s life- Yes  more pronouncedly than men. - And many relationships struggle and fall apart because the participants don't realize the dynamics of Hormones- PMS and its effects. 

As a general rule, women tend to get cranky, have mood changes, bouts of irritability and depression, and yes –suddenly get upset, or have the sudden need to gorge on chocolates once they approach the peak of their menstrual cycle. PMS!!!

Seventy-five percent women with regular menstrual cycles report unpleasant physical or psychological symptoms premenstrually which is normal and for many women the effects are mild and tolerable. But the interpersonal problems come up more pronouncedly for women whose symptoms can be disabling and then cause significant disruption in their lives.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Mum & Daughter Working Together As Equals! How Does it Work?

A Mum & Daughter Working Together As Equals! How Does it Work?

A mother daughter is a tenuous relationship as it is, but when they work together it can be a tight rope walk I’m guessing. And so when I walked the ramp for Neeta Lulla’s Marriot show I was pleasantly surprised to see Nishika and Neeta Lulla’s bon-homos, back slapping rapport with each other, so seamless and happy- it was a delight to my surprised eyes.

Neeta never saw Nishika as an extension of herself, but as an independent identity right from the beginning. She gave her respect and never reprimanded her infront of her peers, a big mistake that some parents make, unmindful of the acute sensitivity of a child infront of her peers- 


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