Saturday, June 2, 2012

Marrying Friendship & Work, Works For Me

Yes work can definitely be fun. & this I learnt when I realized that I've always pursued professions (yes multiple's) that engaged my heart and mind. So I've been passionate about work and more work. Yes I grew up on the Hindu philosophy of work is worship, that of the Bhagvad Gita that chronicles and philosophises the teachings of the Hindu God Krishna to Arjun. The take away which  was that nothing comes before duty and work is God etc. And so it’s always been work- work- work. 


 The last few years however there’s been a shift. Of perspective and priorities. A strange new era in my life. So yes work is a major focus and the love of my life, but there is another fun-ner one too- that of friendship and nurture. Of people . Special beings.  I’m enjoying new magical entrants that enrich my life, give it body. Give it some chutzpah and laughter. The difference between white wine and champagne. I mean life experiences and most importantly friendships and smelling the flowers is the gift I’m giving me. Taking out time to enjoy the flowers metaphorically speaking.

Getting to the point of the matter, yesterday my Greek party had that fragrance and magic in the air. The joy of beautiful people, who came from near and far to be part of an evening I’d put together. People I cherish and love, who have been with me through many of my journeys, in love and support and celebration. Yes the evening was work. But part of my new journey of work and celebration of life. 

I'm interestingly doing what I'm passionate about, but it happened some years ago quite by chance. It started by using real life experiences to help brands find their ways into people hearts. And as the luxury consultant for Zoya, the diamond boutique presented by Titan, we were  previewing and celebrating their all new Greek jewelry collection. Zoya is that fantastic luxury experience, where connoisseurs of jewelry art are invited into an air of splendor to be lavished in private viewing rooms to lose themselves in a magnificent world of inspiration of fine design. Pampered with cafe Mocha and petit pastries. Not a mere jewelry store but a gallery of exquisitely crafted pieces, souvenirs of Zoya’s journey into Spain, Russia, Egypt and now Greece.

So the evening had a lyrical air, where the crystal, marble and glass maison played host to Bombay’s beautiful people, who dug into an extravagant Greek Buffet consisting of watermelon & feta on skewers, Tzatziki ; mushrooms marinated in exotic Greek wine; Zucchini croquettes, Greek olives 

& cheeses; Greek style slow roasted lamb skewers, Greek marinated Pan-seared fish seduced the guests with the taste and aromas. 

Together with these special people in my life, we unveiled GREECE, the latest collection at Zoya’s Mumbai store , recreating that moment in time when Gods walked in the gardens of Hesperides, Majestic creatures like ‘Pegasus’ the winged horse roamed the heavens and the unparalleled beauty of Helena drove thousands of mortals to war.

Along with Sandeep Kulhalli, Vice President, Jewellery Division, Titan, the extravaganza had the very dapper Ioannis Raptakis , Ambassador of Greece & his vibrant  wife Polyxeni Fermani who by the way is since this week part of my special people. Like I said when Beharam Vakil asked me if I’ve known them before, “yes, through other lifetimes, but we’ve only just got reacquainted last week” I had said.

All of us thoroughly enjoyed the evening with fabulous friends, looking stunning.

 I mean Ioannis and Polyxeni were enthralled at Bombay’s beauty and joie de vivre , the champagne set.                                         

[recious friends- India’s ace lawyer Mrunalini Deshmukh, Gautam Tiwari, Dr Neel, actor Vidya Malvade, singer- star Suchitra Krishnamoorti, Tulip Joshi , Vinod, Mamta Raja,  the gorgeous Shama Sikander with her sister Salma, brothers Shah Rukh and Rizwan , music composer Alexx O'Nel,  Rashmi Behl, Anjali Hazare, Sangeeta Mehra, Ayesha, Chitu Aunty, Parvez & Roshini Damania, Krishika Lulla, Luke Kenny, Kunika Sadanand, Dalip Tahil, my producer Deepti Bhatnagar with whom I’ve done some great shows on television,  television star anchor and host Simi Chandok, social diva Roopa Fabiani,  Devieka & Suresh Bhojwani,  designer for Rinaldi Rina Shah, actor Amrita Raichand,  Vanita Bhandare, Sangeeta Harindra Singh CEO Percept, Gia Sharan, Ali & Yasmeen Morani,  Maya Lalchandani, Rishikesh Pai & Rishma pai, Palak , Samir Seth, Dipanita Sharma,  Pia and Vishal Ramchandani, Dr Geeta and Rajat Uberoi, Monica and Ashish Gupta, cricketer Sunny Bilkha, Jetu Lalwani, Vinita Lekhraj, Sonal,  Asha Sachdev,  vetran actor Bindujee with her horse racer husband Champak- all stayed to the very end and made it all beautiful. Without the blessings and love of friends nothing sparkles quite so brightly.  

I don't think I’d be exaggerating when I say a good time was had by all and the evening looked like everyone wanted it to go on forever.

Creating path breaking form and design for diamonds, Zoya contemporarized the famed iconography of the Greek medallion inspired design sensibility interpreted in gold, diamonds & precious stones. Sandeep Kulhalli and Arif Padiath, the mentors to the brand along with Jim Vimadalal who runs the show in Bombay were like proud parents discussing the Zoya journey and  speaking of the  glorious story in craftsmanship as my beautiful friends enjoyed the Grecian models twirling and sashaying in elegantly crafted pieces from the Greece jewellery line - an ode to one of the world's most  ancient civilizations-GREECE- steeped in rich culture & heritage that Zoya has tapped, and is now renowned for.

Nisha JamVwal

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Anonymous said...

wow what an absolutely magnificent do, and yes friendship is the most rewarding gift one can give oneself but work is worship, agree on your thoughts

Kris said...

The personal angle is what makes it a fantastic read, insights are great! The photos could do with captions for us who dont know who's who.

Rouble Nagi said...

love your writing Nish..

Mohammad.Faraz said...

Another beautiful experience as a reader! Coincidentally the very concept of partying seems to have evolved in Greek Culture. However... they didnt have thw stunning & gorgeous Nisha Jamwal to add to its life! Cheers to you!

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