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Sex & Romance on the Internet-Loving Dangerously Seeking Adventure!

Dangerous Love Exciting Romance 

Apart from the obvious dangers,friendships are likely to move into deeper seas of intimacy and at a faster pace, as the level of inhibitions may be relaxed behind the veil of anonymity that the digital screen provides, & even well meaning encounters may be doomed by hasty assessments & subjective perceptions. What one believes may nöt be what is.

Sure , the internet has made dating and mating an easier game. And yes its adventurous; its sexy; it has its thrills; and provides multiple opportunities apart from the flesh and blood ‘been there done that’ option that you have begun to find jaded and mundane. 

And yes I agree- the world is becoming your oyster with the internet and social networking is an exploratory diversion. You could be romancing a handsome Australian or Italian, or a Brazilian beauty by the clicking of some computer keys. 

You can also find a spouse and are no longer restricted by the matrimonial columns or relatives suggesting some ‘eligible’ partner. 
So many internet sites shout out 'Meet sweet pretty girls online for dating' and the subtext is 'mating' too!!! 

But anything that is too good to be true usually is. Too good to be true that is.
Disguised identities, stalkers, rapists, fake photographs abound on the net. Did you know that internet infidelity is the cause for many a divorce, and the statistic of dating, mating and breaking has gone up monumentally due to the ease and availability of sex and relationships, nudity and 'friendships' on the internet?...............

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More often than not people pretend to be someone else on the net. They use pictures of other people as their profile pictures, or then pictures of themselves when they were twenty years younger. 

Some years ago the 1-900 sex chats were the diversions frustrated men turned to for entertainment, with women whispering sweet nothings on the phone. It was a paid for service. Today a stranger posing as somebody else, gets you to do that free. Chat sweet nothings to him or her without any emotion getting in the way-a ´fantasy partner´. - Always responsive, always supportive, always there to ‘chat’. On the other hand your real world partner helps with the chores, the day to day life issues, the emotional maintenance of a relationship. Here the ‘fantasy’ partner can get in the way and makes you unfaithful to your partner. 
Just one click away!!!

This is the internet, that enables people to hide behind façades and pose as people they are not. This includes hackers, stalkers, identity thieves, frauds. Common sense should tell us all that we need to verify and check the people we talk to anywhere online before we commit to anything. Online relationships are most often empty and devastating.

The worst side-effect of the net is that you find men and women in committed relationships swearing undying love while they are busy cruising the net evaluating options, chatting, visiting date rooms and using twitter and facebook to declare undying passion to veritable strangers. It makes a relationship shaky and your partner unreliable. This is a different kind of unfaithfulness and has pushed up the rate of divorce and infidelity monumentally. People all over are going for mates with nearly no net identity.

Through the Internet, people who would normally not have access to a lovely lady or a famous man, can now communicate with ease, and with affectations and pretentions where discerning any real information about these new acquaintances is difficult.  Not only is there the risk of them not being what they describe themselves as, they may not even be the gender they claim. And of course the name and address or even the location or country may be fabricated.   

The worst is that they may be using someone else's "hacked" account. And posing in-front of a display car in a showroom. So the individual whom you believe exists on the other side of  the net, may probably be totally different from what you are led to believe. A very emotionally painful and dangerous path wouldn’t you say?

It is important to wake up to the reality of social network
relationships being dangerous and to value real world flesh and blood relationships. If your  on line lover is truly ´better´ for you then its time to come clean with your real life partner and let them move on to someone who will be a full time lover to them.  

Did love and sex just get more complicated with the internet?

Written for Printed & Published in Asian Age & Deccan Chronicle \
Nisha JamVwal

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Satyush said...

nicely written...quite thoughtful...superb observation of modern

Anonymous said...

Good !

I am reading your articles for about a month now and to be honest I am becoming a fan of both your beauty and writing ! Nice one. Would wait for new things to come from your stable. Keep me posted at


Anonymous said...

YES I agree with @anirban, keep me posted, your articles are informative and mature, with a holistic approach to life and its accompanying problems

Sanjib Saha said...

Hi Nisha,

Neat and clean way of writing.Really loved it.Keep it up! Will visit again :)


The internet has opened many facets of communication and interaction. I completely agree with what you have expressed in your article that its important to know the difference between the real world and virtual but i would also like to add that the world has become isolated...loneliness is slowly becoming the mother of all diseases n if internet or wireless media is helping a few unknown souls to express themselves n maybe open up to new relationships i think its for the good. Loneliness kills!!

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