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The Grand Indian Wedding- Shah Rukh Khan Unplugged Part II

The Grand Indian Wedding Scene with Pinky & Sanjay Reddy; 
The Cavalcade moved forward...........
Can you conceive of an Indian wedding without the essential Bollywood brigade?  

The evening belonged to SRK!

Whoever may be your favourite Khan on screen, in person Shah Rukh holds you captive all the way to his impromptu classic Shah Rukh Khan fare, charming everyone with his artless , exuberant shenanigans. 

This one man show of humour , emotion , dance , drama and charisma while including the family and guests in it all- unfurls not only the love story of the couple that is to tie the knot the next evening - but also the two infrastructure giants who are to give their children away in marriage. 

I am amazed as I recognize the very sedate  bridegroom’s father performing with abandon the ‘Sajdah’. 

The Shah, who is directing him to serenade Sundari Reddy his wife as per ‘The Shah’s’ popular Bollywood song from his own film 
My Name Is Khan’.
Bombay’s set throngs to get a closer first look of the bridal couple; camera’s flashing, dying to tweet announcement of their presence at the season’s social highlight. 

Towering through the crowds is the Amitabh Bachchan,  Jaya Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek quartet  partaking of the infectious revelry. Telugu film stars, corporate India’s Mukesh Ambani, Neeta Ambani, a very dapper Praful Patel in wedding regalia, Venu Dhoot, Union Minister Anand Sharma in crisp Khadi kurta, , Industrialist Anil Ambani with youngest son , south star Chiranjeevi , Mahesh Babu .

NamrataShirodkar, Sridevi and Boney Kapoor with daughters Khushi and Jhanvi in colour-coordinated outfits, Vyjayanthimala Bali, Varun Bahl, Rina Dhaka, Nari Ahmet and Kadambari, Asmita Marwah, film Directors Nagesh Kukunoor, David Dhawan,  Prahlad Kakkar, Sunil Padwal, Vivek Oberoi with Priyanka Alva , Simone Singh and Fahad Samar, Mohit Gujral and Feroz,  Ritu Ajatshatru Singh, Rajiv Sethi all abandon as we submit to the tangible energy of the festivities and surrender to the contagious carousing at the banquet in a silver and crystal embellished enormous tent constructed at the  Shamshabad Airport Arena. 

We're all here to party and the agenda is adhered to. No one's mind seems on any shut-eye though it’s nearing dawn.

Located amidst perfectly landscaped grounds, green cover of ancient trees, lit up with twinkling lanterns even in the afternoon raincloud sky to create the fairy ambience, the bride’s home is the set for a magical afternoon brunch banquet. 

My favourite memory of all the pageantry , set over sun dappled terraces and gardens  through three levels of their home amidst Lilly pools and gardens, pagoda’s and grassy hillocks is this intimate party to unwind in leisurely conversation over delectable’s and drink concoctions. 

A delight to the senses and the palate.  

The Brides grandparents Subrami and Indira Reddy, known for their legendary hospitality look to the comfort of all. 

Our controversial ex MP and international statesman Shashi Tharoor, is more handsome in person and the centre of stimulating conversation, the toast of the afternoon with his twinkling Kerala poetic charm which has even me taking a picture with him. 

Little pouches of bindi’s, gajra, bangles and sindhoor with fuscia pom poms created by Jyotika Jhalani are take home presents gifted to the ladies while the men enjoy Pimms and champagne Bellini’s.

Some of us even grab a visit to buy some art by Hyderabad’s legendry artist Laxma Gaud and couture by the local designers at the buzzing fair like venue in our very hotel, recreated by the hosts who have attempted to bring the historic bazaars of Hyderabad to delight her guests. 

Poonam Dhillon , Rashmi Thackery, Avantika Kilachand rush between packed schedules, to view this celebration of Hyderabadi crafts , art , sari’s, borders and fashion created to pamper guests , but also promote Hyderabad  within the five days where the stage is squished with nuptial activity. 

Time flies on the wings of the festivities and so to the finale. The wedding venue is themed to a Palace Setting  and several rooms of palatial cuisine with the theme of ‘Temples of India’ pamper guests. Lines and lines of Bharatnatyam Dancers perform to temple bells, streams and streams of marigolds, Pillars and Domes in Gold, Red Chandeliers, gold pillars, zardozi sari’s draped on sofa’s deck the Palatial halls thronged by guests who have flown down to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

The bright eyed Bride whom all India’s top designers had coutured through the five day wedding in resplendent red and gold traipses through these archways of mythological grandeur, beside her father to the side of her Groom. 

The Groom in a suitably splendid intricate embellished achkan awaits dreamily. Extravagant and memorable with the countries glitterati applauding from the aisles. 

The family joy is perceptible; palpable!!!!

Nisha JamVwal
Article Published In & For L'Official Sept 2011
Article Published On Nisha JamVwal Blog Courtesy L'Official Magazine & Superna Motwane
Photography Nisha JamVwal


Kris said...

The pagentry & celebration of Indian weddings essayed fantastically here by you Nisha

Anonymous said...

Pictures and presentation of what must have been a larger than life wedding is brought to light by Nisha brilliantly

Saurabh said...

THE GREAT FAT INDIAN WEDDING!!! and u hv perfectly described it wid ur words and pics... must add dat u luking lik a bride urself

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