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Shamita Shetty On Love, Marriage & Being Single

What Kind Of Man Is Shamita Waiting for to make wedding bells ring for her?

In a world where women tend to throw the towel in and compromise on their cherished dreams of what constitutes an idyllic marriage, Shamita Shetty has been stoically single. She prefers to play the waiting game and follow sister Shilpa Shetty. -To look for someone that meets all her expectations, someone like Raj Kundra –“he has all qualities of a good sincere man. The quintessential ‘Mr Nice Guy’ - Unfortunately he’s taken. Fortunately by my sister” she laughs.

     I’ve known the family closely, and also realized how important it is in the eyes of the   family  for the girls to settle down and create a solid family. And yet Shamita waits  patiently for the man who will sweep her off her feet. What is she looking for in her man?


 “I am severely put off by arrogance, irresponsibility , dishonesty and lack of integrity. I want to marry a compassionate man who respects his woman and  his family.
 Men who don’t believe in monogamy while they are in a committed relationship are a growing breed, something I see around me. I don't want a man like that.
 I don't mind a wait to choose a man to settle down with, in a scenario when women just settle for second best.”

“Love and Respect is a prerequisite for me, a sense of humour always helps, and someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously is a given. 

Money is a requirement and a necessity, but not the most important thing” she asserts, “when I’m out with friends it’s no problem to go dutch,  but when I’m out on a date the man is expected to pick the tab-call me old fashioned!!  And as for a joint family , while I’ve been brought up in a nuclear family and never experienced a joint family scenario, I’m not averse to it.”

In this new age I always wonder that a woman who is ready for marriage would be particular about religion should a great man come her way. Would she quell her feelings should he be of another religion and if he met all her other expectations?  It was just recently in my column that we saw Kim Sharma had married a muslim man of her choice, while she belongs to a Hindu family. A step both families were trepidatious about . Shamita however has realized with time and maturity that religion ,culture, traditions and values inculcated by parents play a very important role in life. “It is the basic foundation that we grow up with, which definitely comes from our religious beliefs.”

While Shamita is okay to wait for the right man, she didn’t believe in sitting around to await good work in her wait for a good man to come her way. So she decided to just up and go for a study stint in London, hoping that fate would take its own course- 

“I just got tired of waiting for good work to come my way. I did not want to go to work and be unhappy about the work i did. I’d much rather sit at home or then express my creativity in other ways, and so it was that I decided to pursue new areas of work”  

Among India’s men whom she finds attractive are Amitabh Bachhan “he’s erudite, got panache and extremely chivalrous. For me that's a deadly combination!..What a command on hindi and English. Chidambaram is a favourite, he’s a great orator. I  love the fact that he can roam around in a lungi and still look sexy.

-I’m happy living my life one day at a time. Who knows what else is in store in the future.’”

Written for Printed & Published in Asian Age & Deccan Chronicle

By Nisha JamVwal

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Anonymous said...

Do we all really believe that humans were always meant to be monogamistic ( don't know if the word is correct, but hope u guys get it)?? Coz if we get the answer to this we might all get a lil more realistic and closer to the man/ woman we r looking for!

The Creator said...

Thanks, Nisha. It's great to hear that Shamita is looking to settle down. But I still feel her potential hasn't been really utilized. She can for sure, can give it another shot with new-age cinema.
As far as settling down is concerned, I'm sure Mr. Right's will make a bee-line.

Kris said...

why not write a general article about what women want? it would be interesting to hear your views and that of the people you speak to ?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know Kareena or Priyanka's views more eagerly

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