Saturday, March 10, 2012

The World’s Longest Sit-Down Lunch with Nisha JamVwal

The World’s Longest Sit-Down Lunch with Nisha JamVwal

There are sit-down cuisine’s, and there are sit-down cuisines. But this one had to be seen to be believed! Curving around the porch of the very artsy Grand Hyatt, an uncharacteristic nip in the afternoon air, Bombay buzzed with gourmet Melbourne fare. It was the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Melbourne         Food and Wine Festival, and the State of Victoria is celebrating it with panache. Wow, the music pulsated with the four course cuisine, nearly to orchestral precision, like it was all a choreographed ballet!

Yes, I was late. Call it the juggle of handling my multitasking Bombay life and travel (am I sounding like I’m complaining?- I enjoy every second of the razors edge life). I jumped into the very heady red, with zucchini fritters and mozzarella, and was only able to linger and savour my second course, third and then the fourth. What struck me as special, was it was so light and chic, and preplated artistically. Flying in from a Delhi champagne art-do, into an orange, very Issey Miyake-ish, diamond sun dress and a favourite pink and orange AND red hat, I was seated right next to the Premier Louise, or should I say The Honourable Louise Asher MP. She was the official host of the evening, and the lunch was to introduce Melbourne, for which two chefs from across the world came together to prepare the light artistic cuisine – and I detected a distinct Thai and Vietnamese influence!


Posing with the Melbourne Cup was supposed to be the piece de resistance, but I have to say it didn’t make any impact – gold solid or whatever – I mean if you’ve not won a cup what’s the whole point? So I’d say the curvy table, beautifully set with orchids and placements, so exultant and ebullient was a far more memorable treat than the cup! 


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Shalini Wahi Chauhan said...

nish the dish, cuisine and cooking have always been a passion for me, and this lunch only brings to life a gourmet experience that one can only enjoy and fantasize about!

Most people dream about people, I dream about food........... I stand corrected.................I fantasize about food!

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