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'What I Desire In A Man' shares super Hot Model Dipannita Sharma

What Are The Qualities A Woman Looks For In A man   Nisha JamVwal 

What does a super hot, super gorgeous, film actor and model look for in a man when she wants to give her all to him, marry him, pamper him and be his forever?

Yes I'm sure most men would wish the fate of Dilsher, who got the woman of his dreams, when Dipaninita Sharma, the babe who has it all, said 'Yes' to his proposal. What did it all take?

When the lissom supermodel Dipannita Sharma got married she broke many hearts. What did it take for this man to take that giant leap into wedlock. An important step in a woman’s life, especially one who is an aspiring actor working her way into Bollywood.  

What did Dipannita see in a man to make him THE one?
I think the first thing that attracted me to Dilsher was his confidence. The gentle yet don't mess with me attitude which I see in a very few men and which is attractive to me. His most striking quality is that he's a man of character and integrity, keeps his word , tries to understand situations- someone who faces things head on however tough a situation might be-he's not an escapist.

What is it that steals a woman’s heart to make a decision so forever and final?  “I was very clear that the man I thought of
long term would make an impact on me instantly, and be attractive to me.  Security in a relationship is important, as is the fact that a man must be comfortable in his own skin and shouldn't try too hard.  A steady job gives a sense of security to me as I come from a solid professional background. It’s true what they say 'judge a man by the company he keeps’ and Dilsher has s set of really good friends. An understanding of things in general makes a man more analytical and that’s the only way he'll be able to understand you. And for me it’s vital that he has a hobby or an interest such as sports, something that he's passionate about. Dilsher had that quality of showing people respect and he also he is a man of integrity.”

Marriage brings change, and life becomes different. “We are responsible for and answerable to each other. There are no perfect ingredients for a happy marriage, despite the fact that you need to work on it, work on it, work on it. There are no rules; so many times you have to take it as it comes. To understand each other there is a lot of give and take. A strong bond and connection is possible only when both at the core love each other immensely.”

Dipannita married late by Indian standards at thirty one, but she was not daunted by timelines. A successful career and self assured personality, she was in no tearing hurry to get married. 
“I met Dilsher in 2006 and we married in 2008-I don't think a timeline for meeting the person
you really want to be with is possible. In India there is a lot of pressure to get married in the early twenties which I don't conform to.  Good or bad experiences are part of the game.

When Dipannita got married she was suddenly living with someone, sharing a space after being independent. The adjustment and re -configuring of one’s ‘space’ is also a challenge 
Of course marriage requires a lot of adjustment but when you’re happy in the relationship they are just things you do to make each other happy. Everything stems from how happy you are in a relationship...difference of opinions and fights are a part of marriage but if two people involved want to work things out and want to work it , it'll be a happy one”

In her latest film ‘Ladies Vs. Ricky Bahl’ 'Raina Parulekar' is quite different from her real life persona 
“at the core there are similarities.’Raina' has a really tough exterior and she prioritises her work over everything else which I don't. What is similar is that she's as no nonsense and she is focussed as I am.”

“You plan your relationship and your work time , energy and nurture- Eventually its about how badly you want these two things to work out-relationship and work. 
My husband is a huge help, he gives me my space helps me balance both. We try to do things together even if it might just be as simple as grocery shopping to enable us to spend time together. Work is important in determining a healthy relationship, defining  your individuality and determining self respect making a relationship stronger”

Infidelity is often a concern within a marriage especially in the glamour world of acting and modelling- 
“longevity and faithfulness is very important and while its natural to feel attracted towards one or two people other than your partner in the course of a marriage what you do with that attraction is completely your choice. You have to pull away because you are committed. If you are terribly attracted to someone and that is a choice you make -whether that attraction is worth giving up your relationship for.  I don't think I would be able to forgive either myself or my man if any of us were unfaithful. No- I can't deal with infidelity”

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Anuja said...

Very honest, real and inspiring to look for the right person for you. Another brilliant piece as always!

Anonymous said...

Give us an article on your thoughts for the perfect man?

Anonymous said...

Yes it would be interesting to get some general tips on what women look for in general

Kris said...

Do women have a similar list?

Dipannita said...

Nisha this is such a well written article. One that'll go into our personal archives. Thank you for this one! As always I'd like to say - you are truly brilliant at this:-)

Dipannita said...

Nisha this is such a well put together article. One that'll go into our personal archive. Thank you for this special one and as I always say - you are terribly good at this!

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