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Priyanka Chopra & Shah Rukh Khan's Affection's! Wive's wake-up before it's too late!

Shah Rukh Khan & Priyanka's camaraderie! Is it a PATI , PATNI AUR WOH situation?! 
Wife's wake-up to the 'Cocktail' of Hearts before it's too late!
The Other Woman, in A Marriage! 

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Yes it’s the oldest story in the history of man and woman. And my friend, a regular in the 'lunch group' circuit and quite fond of being popular, is oblivious to the fact that while her husband is at dinner with her, and she is busily bbm-ing her own bff- best girl-friend for life, her husband is in a torrid affair with a social butterfly fond of her brands and page three appearances.

They are in a torrid affair, the wife's(good friend who’s super sweet to the wife,  and her husband. But you see the lunch groupie is most preoccupied arranging her social life, her kids music lessons, their tennis games and tuition's to even notice. The husband is around anyway, everyday- and he’ll be around until death do them apart; Right? 

Not quite right. He has been gone a long time ago, and all her friends know about it, but none would dare to tell her. She’ll just be the last one to know, because history does repeat itself. For years and years this is the way it’s been. The wife is indeed the last to find out, that her husband is in a torrid affair. Right under her nose. That's Bombay society. 

In the film 'Cocktail' Deepika Padukone is oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend, while partying and at the beach with her, is falling helplessly in love with her best friend Diana Penty!!!  

Closer to reality, Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan allegedly grew close through the filming of Don and it's sequel and were rumored to be in a relationship. Of late rumors abound about a wedding between this very attractive screen couple abound.  Infact, recently when Shah Rukh Khan Sang 'marry Me' to Priyanka at a public function ( while people were charmed and even amused by the Shah's
gumption and naughtiness, it did raise speculation. And yes rumors of a clandestine wedding are also rife! This is one romance that audiences are very curious about, so much so that when I travel abroad, it seems to be the one question on everyone's lips, are they or are they not...............?

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In the age of high libido’s and easily available attractive women to entertain your husband- while you put your kids to sleep, through school, manage staff, look at your housekeeping, social life, kitty's and even in a few cases may be a career too - don’t take it for granted that your husband is just sitting around fantasizing about you and you alone. Just because he doesn’t come up with cheesy chat up lines or does not fit the description of a man who stray’s or may not be a flirt does not mean he wont have that affair. Infact the dark horse syndrome works most often here, he will be the first to jump to the opportunity because he does not talk about it. 

There is not a ‘type’ and you never can tell until you stumble upon this very hard hitting truth, often through a shocking revelation whicph initially puts you into blissful denial until you connect the dots in your head with clues that were before your eyes all along. The dark horses are the dangerous ones. More importantly, the ‘available’ type of women who’d happily enjoy a romp with your husband are more rampant today than in the days of your mother where marriage came with ideals like ‘faithfulness’. That is nearly an obsolete word today and most ‘uncool’.

The bottom line then is that a complacent attitude is what did my friend in, not to mention her growing girth while her priorities were home and hearth. Always remember, the society-party-hard-floozy is ever available to chat into the wee hours of the night, and she is working out to keep her figure entertaining fit for her men. She is always smiling in her super tight micro mini’s while you multi task the angst of exams, math tuitions and your maid’s leave. And around every corner is a ready and willing male or female all ready to romp in the hay without a backward glance, because there is another interlude awaiting just a little further ahead! 

So you ask, what should I do to avert the disaster? You don’t let it get to this stage! You wake up and smell the coffee before matters get out of hand. It is after all the wife who allows the floozy in, in the first place. Enjoys her frivolous ever available giggles in her home, and soon finds the ever available husband devourour has tucked the husband under the arm and walked away, designer handbags, jewels,  bank accounts et all.

And you? If you’ve left it too late, you are left fighting for alimony. So get your act together. Don’t throw your friends at your husband, do not include the ‘best friend’ into intimate moments with your husband. Allow some private time, allow for some private connection and bonding. Allow for interest to stay alive. Also let your husband know he matters and you care above all, above the hairdressers and female phone gaggle for him.

 It is upto you, to the wife and companion to be a friend, apart from being just a good, diligent mother and great housekeeper. 

Companionship, conversation, laughs, happiness count for a lot. Being attractive to your spouse is a forever challenge that you must fulfil. 

Being a dreadful nag’ for his own good’ is a bad idea. Use his cronies, brother or parents to get him to give up smoking, please don’t become into his mother. Don’t also forget that a great figure and skin help a lot in keeping the attraction alive and never underestimate the spark being a good performer in bed adds.

Coming back to my friend, she is of course oblivious. Too busy with her ‘kitty parties’, kids and food preoccupations to wake up to the reality until it is (hopefully) not too late
Written for & Published by Asian Age & Deccan Chronicle

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Saurabh said...

as they say... A stitch in time saves nine!!! ;)

but now a days, even women r not far behind...I hv seen both male & female BBMing to others while having a meal/coffee etc

Anonymous said...

so true of society today
and we tend to ignore the warning signals
thanx for the well written headsup

HawkEye said...

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