Monday, November 21, 2011

Runaway Marriage, Secret Confidences & Life With Kim Sharma

Kim's Marriage Into A Different Culture Different Country Different Situation

Kim Sharma came to the Bollywood scene with a lot of expectations, scandal, speculation and curiosity about her. And then 'boom' she was married all of a sudden. No one knew to whom, when and why so suddenly. What followed was a  lot of speculation about Kim Sharma’s sudden marriage, not all of it charitable. 

What many don't realize is that marriage is a tenuous decision as it is, and then to drop all comfort zones, start a new life in a new country with a man from a different faith all on an instinctive gut feel  may make it even more concerning for a first time bride. Especially if she’s a recognized face with a Bollywood past that has been difficult. Surviving in the Hindi film milieu is not easy and Kim was making a leap of faith. There is then bound to be more gossip and scrutiny and pressure.

So it was that when Kim Sharma eloped , she choose to just keep it understated and see for herself how things would pan out with a decision that was impulsive and based on love but not necessarily practicality.

Kim was not relocating to Paris or New York but Mombasa, an unsure journey surely, ridden with questions and fears that only time would hopefully assuage! As a person who has lived life by impulse and intuition I can identify when she gushes so unambiguous in thought- 

I knew in a flash this was it, and didn't indulge in the frills.  I just got married knowing the significance of the moment, sans family and friends. In retrospect I feel it was the best decision of my life. A transition from one country to another so different, a choice so unconventional had to be the commitment of a second."

After her ‘innings’ with cricketer Yuvraj Singh, this was not a glamorous, expected decision, “My decision was for me, based on the human being I am. I sat down and realized that this is what I was looking for and I have to think about my personal happiness than go for what I was expected to do by people and the press.

 Life is not about living for appearances but for personal contentment. I realized I’d get more of me, and live life by my own terms.”

Kim upped and relocated to Mombasa in a flash, took to running the business with Ali, “playing house-house” (she adds endearingly).

 “This life allows me all I had in Bombay and more, work at my own terms ( I was never good at taking orders), a sea side bungalow, companionship and love with Ali, family, friends, travel and purpose! Stagnancy has disappeared. The cultural difference is inconsequential, I've come from a third world to a third world” she laughs and ends with her typical twinkle, “I woke up one day and realized “oh my God , this is permanent!”
Published & Written For Asian Age & Deccan Chronicle

By Nisha JamVwal


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