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The Grand Hydrabad Wedding- PART I- Karan Johar & Rani Mukherjee Judge The Sangeet

Destination weddings to exotic game reserves and beaches, birthday 
merrymaking on islands, anniversary revelry with guests flown down to Switzerland,  girlie pyjama parties on luxury Boats . India’s going ultra luxe. 

Whoever said it was all fun? It’s hard work! And so the dramatic wedding ingenuously planned by friends Pinky and Sanjay Reddy where they gave us India with its pageantry, tradition and hallmark wedding hospitality set in the history and charm of languorous Hyderabadi grandeur was therapeutic.
They say marriages are made in heaven! The Reddy’s arduously created a sensory fantasia as near to the paradise where the marriage was conceived of their only daughter Mallika to beau Sidharth. Fondly and with minutest attention to littlest detail. For me the journey had begun when I received a gold embossed box crafted with the traditional painting of Lord Venkateshwara –the invitation to a fantastical South Indian wedding experience!

Even as we embark the charter Bombay recedes into faraway. There is carefree bonhomie and anticipation. I’m looking around me -Pinky has in characteristic panache tossed up a sparkling collage of a guest list. A pastiche of fine artists, dancers, weavers, sculptures, musicians, fashion designers, writers allow you to even overlook the decorative society frills, frenetically air kissing ‘midst the crème from the corporate world, politics and business.

Arriving At The Airport
Hyderabad. The dapper Krishna Bhupal, cousin of the bride, greets us to a ceremonial regal welcome, replete with tradition. Pinky’s Brother Sandeep and 

son Keshav lead the welcoming party of relatives, followed by a  line-up of ‘apsaras’ at the airport who bestow  tikka, garlands, incense et al with nuptial music wafting in the background as musicians upon south Indian instruments welcome us to the Nawabi city.

Gentle reminders to be on time for the evening festivities and our caravan travels through the montage of kaleidoscopic experiences, and we are led towards limousines to head to the Taj Krishna, named after the Bride’s grandfather GV Krishna Reddy , to bedeck ourselves for the sangeet extravaganza.

Post the High tea at the rooftop we’re on the curvy drive through hilly terrain, soon entering the frame of the swish grand Indian Wedding. The stage is set. Swipe card for entry and camera to share vignettes of the extravaganza here, we are at the theatrical venue throbbing with rambunctious music.
We Indians have the enduring obsession with the big Indian Wedding. 

The entry to the venue throngs with delighted socialites showing off their life’s collection of Jadau and diamonds carefully styled with glittering sari’s and Ghaghara’s.

The 'Sangeet' is a nuance of north Indian weddings that has made a crossover southwards to add its verve and peppy zing quotient that so effortlessly breaks-down formal barriers amongst the guests. 

I watch in delight as an attention grabbing dance contest betwixt 

The Bride
the bride’s side led by stately G V Krishna Reddy competes with the groom’s side, energetically jumping into the fray. Each outdoing the other to high octane Bollywood music lends to the merriment until Rani Mukherjee indulgently, huskily along with K Jo (Karan Joher) award a tie after a tussle about who will win betwixt the two! 

The entire family shake a hip and twirl a hand with energy, matching Mallika Sheravwat, Anushka Sharma, Ranvir Singh, Priyanka Chopra.
The Brunch
Article Published In & For L'Official Sept 2011
Nisha JamVwal
Pictures Nisha JamVwal


Garima D said...

Not appreciating your comment on Sangeet.In marriages its a way of celebration.If someone dsn't like it then shouldn't comment on it.


Actually there is only delight expressed in this for Sangeets, so which part strikes your mind as "someone not liking the sangeet"???

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Nisha mam damn good work I just love ur work n lyk d way ur...keep going n keep rocking wid ur work...

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Great job Nisha !!! I have really enjoyed your interesting post. Great Job :)

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Great, colorful, joyous presentation of a big fat Indian Wedding, gives us a view into what an Indian Weddig is like, keep going Jamvwal

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The pictures are great, and work with the column to create magic

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wish you would have a saree on that occasion..

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