Monday, July 11, 2011

Dress Your Best When You Feel Your Worst

For me mother’s formula endures when you are at your lowest - look your best when you feel your worst!

 If you can’t make it, fake it! Impossible though it sounds, when the world just seems to have crashed around you, somewhere along the way your cells get the program and it works better than the erstwhile movie tragedienne’s demeanor. 


Start with getting a massage to relieve the stress, boosts your mood and revs up the ability to solve problems. 

What about the horrid physical heart ache that sits like a leaden weight in the middle of the chest? Give yourself a disprin, it allows for some relief, a literal and metaphorical pain killer and so much better than a cigarette or a drink! 

Get a new hairstyle, or color, a new you for a new start. Buy the best clothes and bags and wear your highest heels and stand up straight. 

Aside of giving the necessary attitude a straight back improves blood flow and oxygen, giving your body more energy when you feel most demotivated. When you look ultra confident you feel much better about yourself apart from which holding your head high is also a sign of increased self esteem. All this done go and party, and knock em dead.

Shilpa Shetty it was, who had told me of her best survival technique. One of my dear friends she, when going through a bleak phase had confided of how exercise did pay off for her and even when her heart mended and she went onto greener pastures the exercise routine became part of her life routine and still endures, as does her sylph like figure. So Jog, jog, jog, apart from looking your best and glowing despite the inside bleak dark passages of your heart, you release endorphins and other chemicals like dopamine, proven to make you feel happier. It also boosts levels of serotonin, the body’s natural antidepressant, and then you might just meet someone else on the rebound while jogging. 

Nisha JamVwal
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this is the best advise for low self esteem

Anonymous said...

why dont you write some personal experiences Nisha? We want to know about you you you?

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