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Sex Hormones That Create Havoc

When Hormones Wreck Harmony What Do You Do?
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Yes everyone shies away from the H- word- And yet we all know it exists! Men dread it and women sometimes pretend to themselves that they might be the chosen ones unaffected by the onslaught.

Hormones do play havoc in a woman’s life- Yes  more pronouncedly than men. - And many relationships struggle and fall apart because the participants don't realize the dynamics of Hormones- PMS and its effects. 

As a general rule, women tend to get cranky, have mood changes, bouts of irritability and depression, and yes –suddenly get upset, or have the sudden need to gorge on chocolates once they approach the peak of their menstrual cycle. PMS!!!

Seventy-five percent women with regular menstrual cycles report unpleasant physical or psychological symptoms premenstrually which is normal and for many women the effects are mild and tolerable. But the interpersonal problems come up more pronouncedly for women whose symptoms can be disabling and then cause significant disruption in their lives.

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Most men find it hard to imagine why a woman is upset, oversensitive or questioning their relationship at these times, and what could suddenly have gone wrong in a situation that was working perfectly!  

It is also believed that if the lady turns out to be a thyroid patient, then the mood swings are even worse. Yes, women do become incomprehensible, dull and can even appear lost during this time. You need to inform people close to you, those that aren’t sure what is going on in the days leading up to when you usually struggle because many times the people around you are completely clueless and become bewildered at your irrationality. 

Firstly be honest - people will have more understanding and empathy and it will possibly help you overcome your struggles with a bit more ease.

Secondly consider marking your days and know when it might become difficult and sometimes unbearable. The good news here is that PMS is predictable in that it comes around the same time every month. - If we plan ahead for PMS it doesn't need to impact our life and that of our partner, we can plan for the emotional struggles and so it doesn’t need to impact a relationship negatively.

Thirdly women must be aware that emotions run high and at this time and you need to counsel yourselves, avoid confrontational topics in relationships and men need to keep away from intense discussions through these sensitive moments. For a man the thing to watch out for is how bad is it in his woman and for a woman it becomes important to look out for her reactions, and even speak to her doctor if she feels her reactions are too pronounced. Natural remedies can help make the situation easier and prevent the effects on a relationship from going bust.

A word of advice for the men- Hormones play havoc with moods and mood swings can drive you to absolute amazement as to the reason your women reacts in this sporadic unpredictable way. Please be empathetic, and let your girlfriend or wife know that you are sorry that they don’t feel well, but on the other hand do not be the punching bag. That you need them to get help or that you cannot continue to be in a relationship with them if they treat you abusively.

The good news though is also that research at the University of Texas at Austin found that at other points of the month women felt more attractive when they had high levels of an oestrogen known as estradiol and acted upon those feelings because at this time they not only look and feel prettier but are also more prone to being more approachable. So research proves that a woman’s sex drive may also be controlled by parts of the brain that she has no control over.

Women tend to put themselves in so many shoes throughout their lifetime and must handle so many situations for their man, their children, parents, work and it is important for them to understand themselves and work around their hormonal challenges. On the other hand, Men tend to view things more with a black and white vision, they tend to carve their definitions and do away with a woman’s 'hormonal disturbances' as excuses for them not confronting their duties! They often lack the emotional spectrum to understand women through her hormonal perspectives! So yes, this is not an article for women alone, but also those men who don't know ‘what the hell’ hits the equilibrium of their woman and resultantly their relationship every month with great regularity!!!

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Aryan Sharma said...

hmm interesting

Unknown said...

Extremely useful and wonderful insight in this article and it truly gives a real inside picture of a woman lesser understood by a man often leading to chaos and heartburn when she suddenly changes and blames of doubts ones love. Also this aspect of thyroid is well covered and it can be significant. This writeup is actually an eye opener for men as they would go throught a womans sudden change of temper and behaviour and feel helpless, guilty or antagonised. It is wonderful that as a woman you have been honest and deconstructed this entire thing and made it clear to men who would now understand why a woman can be so unpredicatable at times.

Anonymous said...

kudos, i often wonder what happens to an absolutely harmonious conversation or relationship suddenly, this really helps, but I also hope women read this and work at controlling these mood swings after knowing whats happening to them rather than making us go through these changes in temper and behavior

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