Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Pressure Of Sex

The Social Pressure Of Sex & Fear Of Missing The Bus

Is it just sex or is there some lingering fragrance of romance in our times? In this super-fast age, people might just have misunderstood their urgency to get into the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am mode for romance and poetry. 

All he wants, right after finding a woman attractive, is to cut the chase and get on with it. Shout his 'prowess' between the sheets from the rooftops and hope like hell that that's what'll make the relationship tick. 

He's barely met you, you've not even shared a first kiss than the self acclaimed Lothario, speaking of how good he is in bed, starts making emands.

The magic of those lingering moments of togetherness, the brush of the hand that sends a flame down the chest, the exchange of a look, the lingering backward glance of longing- is nearly extinct.

Romance is not overt in the face, it’s in thoughts, gestures, actions and the eyes. It creeps upon you like a sensuous dream and stays with you hours after the moments of intimacy. 

Sex, infatuation, physicality are being confused with love, romance, intensity and depth, and all are different states of being. 


Many collegians come under immense pressure to sleep with a 'friend'  after the first or second meeting, and the fear of him or her losing interest if you don’t succumb is immense. 

You both enjoy being together. There is the heat of attraction, but is it love? Physicality and infatuation have a shelf-life that comes with unrealistic expectation, a lack of loyalty or commitment, nearly no growing together as individuals and sans reciprocity and communication.

Physicality and infatuation have a shelf-life
Today’s idea of love is often a very “nightclub-sex-after many-vodkas” concept — encouraged and coveted by some bimbette's who carouse the midnight rent-a-crowd parties in fast cities,
getting inebriated. It’s not romantic like a strong drug that draws you again and again to want to explore the depths of a “romance”.
Romance is not overt in the face, it’s in thoughts,
gestures, actions and the eyes

So one just has to play hardball with oneself or you run the risk of even jumping into a disastrous marriage. Ask yourself if the relationship brings out the best in you. Is it just a physical transience and the need to have a companion in your life? 

The most important question you have to ask yourself is whether this is the person you imagine yourself to be a couple with. Trying to differentiate romance from your lust takes distancing oneself from a situation, audacity to face the disagreeable and the desire to look at the big picture.

Do Real World Things Together
See and Know Each Other In Everyday Situations
Don’t always meet over drinks, dinner and movies. Do real- world things together, and allow yourself time. Over drinks your partner is able to 'position', 'pretend', 'posture' and fake the real self. 

There should be no pressure that your partner will dump you if you do not succumb to physicality. The desired result should be a heady control and the ability to look at the reality of the person, not what he is projecting to you.

The craving to believe the best in one’s “crush” is often a result of loneliness, the need to have the coveted date, the need for a partner who is a “status symbol” — someone rich and powerful who “matters”. Sometimes we are so keen to “be in love” and tumble into marriage that we allow the first fortune hunter or social climber to come in and pressure us to succumb, and we 'perform' in an otherwise empty relationship — jump into a situation we have not even pre-meditated! And when it is too late we find we sold ourselves short!

Working towards common goals, sharing dreams and values define the dynamics of a good relationship. And yes, the time to romance and know each other first, before jumping in because of physical attraction or pressure of losing the partner, is the precursor to love.

Nisha JamVwal
This article was printed in Asian Age & Deccan Chronicle
— The writer is a celebrity designer and leading luxury brand consultant. 

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mak said...

i agree that it happens but still there are some people who wants everything perfect..

Roshan Bhondekar said...

Well said..and agree with your views.

Anonymous said...

Very well said ..... "Pressure"
Pressure of being modern, up to date, fashionable, urban, bla bla bla ... BUT we have forgotten the real essence of love, life n how to live it. The eperience we want to have is least inclined towards eternal love and more towards a few moments of satisfied lust !!!
But having said this, we should realize that its "we" only who built this world for us and thus should stand up with equal responsibilty to either accept with dignity or else better if we may gather courage to be on path that might seem outdated but is sure shot way to eternal experience called : LOVE !!!

piyush said...

ya it true

suraj kumar khitoliya said...

Why We Attract Each Other ?

Anonymous said...

Funny ;) how delightful it is to know that the spark of realization exists in you to write such (definitely, pun intended :D) being very much a part of the social circle where this really exists ~Mumbai for sure!!
Love lost destinations cud b da next article LURB <3

Anonymous said...

nicely expressed

Anonymous said...

Really it needs a lot of study to write such an aritcle...Hats off to you .

amandeep kaur said...

It's high tym dat we give a thought before jumping into empty relationships....vry well written..Ma'm.

mani said...

I guess only a handful of people does such things. India is much bigger than a "Night Club Going" class in Mumbai or in Delhi. People are taking night clubs very seriously.

Chandral said...
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Lloyd Francis Thyveetil said...

Hope it really helps young ladies. the number in India is high for misadventure, abortion rates too. what does he lose?

Ashish Virmani said...

Hi Nisha,

This is so true...every word of it, especially in a city like Mumbai! It takes a lot of guts not to succumb to the social whirl and to do one's own thing at whatever stage in life one finds oneself at!

Ashish Virmani

Ashish Virmani said...

Obviously...for girls, I mean....

Aradhna said...

in India too? wow! where's the India I left 12 years ago?

Anonymous said...

yes it's true.

Saurabh said...

Now ppl hv graduated frm pressure sex to fun sex...but yeah...individuals must b guided till a certain age so dat they don't feel guilty later

Rani said...

Hi Nisha,
In todays fast moving world values and ethics are forgotten. Youngsters specially have forgotten that they have to live life. With social pressures on, friends pressure on,etc they are pressured to have sex asap, to feel the thrill. Romance does not exist in their dictionary. Thats why their hearts are not open to love. Love is that heady feeling which makes your heart race when you are close just holding hands and looking into each others eyes. As you aptly say in this article about sex pressure. I feel todays youth want everything fast and so miss the thrill of romance, landing up with a wrong partner, a choice made in the heat of the moment. Or they end up being bitter inside about their first experience especially girls and are off the word romance. Youngsters today are smart and steet wise but they need to take things easy and experience the small nuances that are linked to love and romance. A partner should always nurture you in everyway and bring out the best of you, thats one part of growing up with your partner. And I can go on and on........but lets stop and let them reflect on whats said. Also the lotharios of today want to prove their prowess cause there is insecurity about themselves or their visual partners dont inspire that much fire in their heart.

Amit kumar said...

i dont know much english u r vry hott

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